The competition to select the Study of the Year 2014 (SOY2014) is organized by ARVES. The SOY 2014 will be selected by an international panel of judges : Martin Minski (Germany), Oleg Pervakov (Russia), Gady Costeff (Israel), Ilhan Aliev (Azerbaiyan) and Harold van der Heijden (Netherlands). It is not the selection of the best study of the year, but the study which is best suited to popularize our art among the general chess public. The solution should be both understandable to players of average level, and appeal to players of master level.

Mario Guido Garcia (Argentina)  has agreed to host the selection on the UAPA website He will also act as director, i.e. accept the submissions, coordinate possible problems with the judging panel, and act as reserve judge.
Composers are invited to submit one study (co-authored studies are allowed, but count as one study for each of the composers; therefore the co-authors should agree before a study is submitted, this is the responsibility of the composers), which must have been published during the year 2014. For deceased composers, the jury would be happy to receive proposals by countrymen or friends.
All submitted studies will be published on the website soon after submission, except for the studies by the deceased composers, which will be added after the deadline. Please submit your candidate to:

The deadline for submission is: December 1st, 2015. The selected SOY 2014 will appear on the ARVES website ( as well as in the UAPA site.

                                            JUDGES PANEL



   Oleg Pervakov & Karen Sumbatyan                       2.Prize  JT Dobrescu-80Nº8 Oleg Pervakov & Karen Sumbatyan (Russia)                                                                                                                DRAW

Solution and comment : Look –  PDF


Candidates Study 2014 PGN

Scoress for all candidates: HERE


        Sergiy Didukh                 4 Rec. E.Dobrescu-JT80     Sergie Didukh .php                     Draw
        Vladislav Tarasiuk                «Problems and Studies» V. Tarasiuk bview.php                      Win
           Daniel Keith                         The Problemist           D. Keith bview.php                     Draw

Solution; Click in Diagrama

      Pavel Arestov                  1/3 P. UAPA – (Sec.A)            Arestov bview.php                     Win
           Vladimir Samilo             4 c. MT200 T.SchevchenkoSamilo New .php                      Win
    R.Becker & M.García             2hm, Olimpiya Dunyasi        Becker Garcia bview.php                       Win
           Martin Minski                  1.p Magyar Sakkvilag      Minski bview.php                     Draw
O.Pervakov & K.Sumbatyan       2.P.  JT Dobrescu-80Pervakos Sumba..php                      Draw
            Darko Hlebec                         Rec. Sochi, 2014          Hlebec .php                      Draw
 B.Djurasevic & M.Miljanic                2.P.TheProblemist       Djurasevic Miljanic bview.php                        Win
  Aleksandr Stavrietsky                  2c.MT200 Schevchenko Stavrietsky iew.php                      Draw
             Alexander Zhukov                      3P JT50 Sochnev Zhukov bview.php                         Win

Solution; Click in Diagrama

 Yochanan Afek                           2HM Probleemblad              Afek bview.php                        Draw
 Alexander Shpakovsky                HM Chess CompositionShpakovsky .php                      Win
V. Pogorelov& V Kopyl       2PTeam Champ of UkraineKopyl bview.php                         Win


   M.Hlinka & L. Kekely               ChessStar,Sept              Hlinka Kekely bview.php                         Draw
        Virgil Nestorescu             1/3Hm «JT60 M. Hlinka” Nestorescu .php                      Win
     Jaroslav Polasek                          Ceskoslovensky SachPolasek bview.php                       Draw

Solution; Click in Diagrama

 Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen             3P.-Olimpiya-DünyasiNielsen bview.php                         Win
 Geir Sune Ostmoe   2Sp.Rec.MT100BriegerGer S. Ostmoe bview.php                     Draw
        Luis M. González                         Rec. Sochnev 50 JT Gonzalez Luis php                       Draw


         Ladislav Salai jr                        The problemist -.2014  Salai .php           Draw
          Andrzej Jasik                              HM StrateGemsJasik .php                      Win
             Peter Krug                               1.Pr, UAPA Internet P. Krug.php                        Win