Nº 20 Geir Sune Ostmoe (Norway)


Geir Sune Ostmoe (Norway)
2nd special commendation. – Brieger 100MT


1.b6 Nd7!
1…c3 2.Bd1+ Kc4 (2…c2 3.Bxc2+ Kxc2 4.b7 Nd7 5.Kb5 d3 6.Kc6 d2 7.Kxd7 d1Q+ 8.Kc7=; or 2…Kb2 3.b7 Nd7 4.Bg4 Nb8 5.Bf5 c2 6.Bxc2 Kxc2 7.Kb6 d3 8.Kc7 d2 9.Kxb8 d1Q 10.Kc7=) 3.b7 Nd7 4.Ba4 Nb8 5.Bb5+ Kb3 (5…Kc5 6.Bd3=) 6.Bd3 c2 7.Bxc2+ Kxc2 8.Kb6 d3 9.Kc7 d2 10.Kxb8 d1Q 11.Kc7=

2.b7 d3!
2…c3 3.Bd1+ transposes to the lines arising after 1… c3.

3.Bf7! Preventing 3…c3 and forcing 3…d2.
3.Be8? Nb8 4.Bb5 Kc3! 5.Kb6 (5.Ba4 Kb2 6.Kb6 c3–+) 5…Kb4! 6.Kc7 (6.Bxc4 Kxc4 7.Kc7 Na6+ 8.Kb6 Nc5!–+) 6…d2 7.Kxb8 d1Q 8.Kc7 Kc5 9.b8Q Qd6+ 10.Kc8 Qxb8+ 11.Kxb8 Kxb5–+
3.Kb5? c3 4.Kc6 Nb8+ 5.Kc7 c2 6.Kxb8 c1Q–+

3…d2 4.Be8! Nb8
4…d1Q 5.b8Q+! Nxb8 6.Ba4+=
4…Ka3 5.Bxd7 d1Q 6.b8Q Qd2+ 7.Kb6 Qxd7 8.Kc5!=

5.Ba4+ Ka3
5…Kb2 6.Kb6=

6.Bd1! Completing the bishop’s journey from h5 to d1 – via f7, e8 and a4.

6…c3 7.Kb6 Kb2 8.Kc7 Na6+ 9.Kb6 Nb8 10.Kc7 c2 11.Bxc2 Kxc2 12.Kxb8 d1Q 13.Kc7 =