Nº 23 Andrzej Jasik (Poland)

Andrzej Jasik (Poland)
Honorable Mention StrateGems-2014


l.Bd6? Bc3+-

l…Bdl! 2.Rxdl e2 3.Rxd2 glQ!
3…elQ 4.Rxg2 Qxb4 5.Kg8 Qxc4+ 6.Kg7Qd4+ 7.f6+-

4.Rxe2 Qd4+ 5.Re5! Deflection of bQ!
5.Kg8? Qg4=

5…Kc7!The king leaves the 8th rank so that rhe queen can give perpetual check after the
capture on «e5».
5…Qxe5 + 6.Kg8 Qe8+ 7.Bf8 win

Not precipitated 6.Kg8? Qxc4+ 7.Kg7 Qg4+ draw; and waiting moves like 6.Ba3? or
6.Be7? lead to perpetual after 6.. .Qxe5=

6…Kd6 7.Kg8 Qxc4+ 8.Re6+!
8.Kf8? Qh4 9.Bb4+ Kxe5 10.Bc3+ Kxf5 =

8…dxe6 9.h8Q exf5+ 10.Kf8!
10.Kh7? Qh4+ 11.l.Kg8 Qc4+is loss time

10…Qc8+ 11. Kg7 Qb7+12.Kh6! win.

Two sacrifices of the same rook are unexpected and impressive,though their motives are different. The middle of this tactical study is perfect,but the introduction is a little too epic and the final moves after 8.Re6+ are
rather prosaic.