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The Argentinian´s Union of Problemists of Chess announces the tournament of composition  JT75  Mario Guido García

Studies– Sections:   A) Theme free in two sections : A.1.) Win  and A.2.) Draw –  B) Thematic: Miniature ( 6 to 7 pieces) – B.1. Studies Win – B.2. Studies Draw;  Judge  : Mario G. García  –

Problems – Sections :  2# – 3#  – N# –  (#4 to #6 )  and  (#7 to more moves) –  If the number of miniatures are significant, they will be evaluated in a special section- Judge  : Mario G. García

Will be awarded:  -Prizes , honourable mentions , commendations and special nominations will be awarded.- The provisional award , will be available in the website of the UAPA , and will be sent to all participants by e-mail. – Send to   Mario García   Closing date: 30th june  2023   

Provisional Award : Studies       In English Vivaldi’s sonnets


Anniversary competition «URAL PROBLEMIST» -30
Commission on chess composition of the Sverdlovsk region and the journal «Ural problemist» announce an anniversary competition dedicated to 30th anniversary of the journal «Ural Problemist» in six sections. Two-movers (#2) – Judge: Vyacheslav Pilchenko. E-mail: Three-movers (#3) – Judge: Valery Shavyrin. E-mail: Multi-movers (#n) – Judge: Valery Kirillov. E-mail: Etudes (studies) – Judge: Valery Kalashnikov. E-mail: Problems for a cooperative mate (h#2-n) – Referee: Alexey Ivunin. E-mail: Backmate problems (s#2-n) – Director: Andrey Selivanov. E-mail: The deadline for submission is October 1, 2023. The results will be published in December 2023 on the website and in a special issue of the Ural


 The Chess Club Hannibal Bucharest is organizing an international endgame composing tourney, dedicated to the centenary of Radu Voia (1922 – 2006), the greatest tennis journalist from Romania and an important study composer (several times national champion), activity brightly interfered with his tremendous work in the editing staff of „Revista Romana de Sah”.

THE REQUIREMENT :In order to mix the two sport passions of Radu Voia, we thought to choose the following theme of the tournament:  An endgame in which the number of white pieces versus the number of black pieces are representing the final score of an usual tennis set: 6/2, 6/3, 6/4, 7/5, 7/6 or vice versa”. THE PARTICIPATION :The entries (at most three per composer) should be sent until 15th of October 2023  to the Tournament  Director Dinu-Ioan Nicula at the email address

THE JUDGE :The competition will be judged by the acclaimed international judge Amatzia Avni (Israel).THE WINNINGS :1st PLACE – Trophy Chessable Voucher 50 euro -2nd PLACE – Trophy + Chessable Voucher 30 euro -3rd PLACE – Trophy + Chessable Voucher 20 euro



The Slovak Organization for Composition Chess and the magazine Československý šach are announcing a competition for original studies, a maximum of three per author.

Theme is free. Send your entries by e-mail to the address of the tournament director Ľuboš Kekely: The judge is the jubilant. –  C 25th of October 2023


to commemorate the Chess Composition Day

The Federation for Chess Composition of the city of Dnipro and the
Editorial Board of the magazine Problemist of Ukraine announce an international
the Chess Composition Day.
1. Twomovers (#2). Judge: Vasyl Dyachuk.
2. Endgame studies. Judge: Vladyslav Tarasyuk.
3. Helpmates (H#2-n). Judge: Valery Semenenko.
4. Helpselfmates (Hs#2-n). Judge: Oleksandr Semenenko.
Free themes.
Original compositions are to be emailed before December 10, 2023, to:
All participants will receive the tourney award by email on January 4, 2024,
the International Chess Composition Day.


JT75 Alexander Feoktistov  and  JT70  Alexandra Kuzovkov

The Russian Chess Federation announces an international problem solving competition, dedicated to the anniversaries of Russian composers Alexander Feoktistov (75 years old) and Alexandra Kuzovkov (70 years old). Sections: #3, #4-6 – judge A. Kuzovkov #7-N, h#2.5-4 – judge A. Feoktistov Deadline for sending – until June 1, 2023 to the email address of director Boris Shorokhov Items must be submitted in PDF format and supplemented with the FEN code. Preliminary results will be summed up no later than September 15, final – no later than later than 15 October. The FSR awards the winners with diplomas and cash prizes. Prize money for each four sections – 50,000 rubles





The Committee on Chess Composition of the Ukrainian Chess Federation

and the editors of the magazine «Problemist of Ukraine»

announce an international tournament in memory of the famous Ukrainian study composer, four-time champion of Ukraine

Stanislav Bilokin

The judge of the competition is Vladislav Tarasiuk (Ukraine). .

The theme of the competition is free. Prizes, honorable and honorable mentions have been established.

Special awards are provided for studies with an echo-variant game in the solution.

The award of the competition will be announced in April 2024 and published in the magazine «Problemist of Ukraine».

Send original works by February 21, 2024 to e-mail address of the judge-organizer Volodymyr Samilo:



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9th Composing Tourney of FRME, 2023

The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) organizes the 9th Composing Tourney in four 8 sections: Twomovers (#2) Judge: Bogusz Piliczewski(Poland) -Send to tournament director: Mustapha Bakani (Marocco)

Threemovers (#3) Judge: Marcin Banaszek (Germany) -Moremovers (#N) Judge: Elmar Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) -Studies (+;=) Judge: Luis Miguel González (Spain) -Selfmates (S#) Judge: Sergey Borodavkin (Ukraine) Send to tournament director:Vidadi Zamanov (Azerbaijan)

Helpmates H#2 Judge: Valery Gurov(Russia) -Helpmates H#2.5-3 Judge: Viktor Sizonenko (Ukraine) -Helpmates H#3.5-N Judge: Kjell Widlert (Sweden) -Send to tournament director: Jamal M Elbaz (Morocco) -E-mail: The theme in all sections is free. Prizes, honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded. -Send problems and studies in format Word and PDF. -Closing date: 30. 09. 2023. The award – 2023 -All received problems will be presented to the judge in anonymous form. -Award will be published on the website:



has released a new version (HHdbVI) of his Endgame study database !!

It contains now 93839 endgame studies !!!

(On his website you also can find this leaflet, which you can open here as well, with detailed


5th TT FRME, 2023
The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) organizes the 5th TT FREM, in  6 sections:

Look the ad  here –> 5 th TT FRME, 2023 


Unto Heinonen MT

The Finnish Chess Problem Society announces Unto Heinonen Memorial Tourney for series-movers, free theme, in two sections.
A. problems without fairy elements
B. problems with fairy conditions and/or fairy pieces
Allowed stipulations are direct mates or stalemates, helpmates or helpstalemates and selfmates or selfstalemates.
Entries via email to Tournament Director Neal Turner: nealturnerfinland<at>
The closing date is April 30th, 2023. The judge is Hans Gruber.
For more details, see