Nº26 Eduard Eilazyan


Section B.2.

Eduard Eilazyan (Ukraine)

3k4/4b3/p7/3P3r/R1P2n2/1p4p1/8/4BKR1 w – – 0 1

Dedicated to Natalia Zhukova

1.Rxa6? b2 2.Ba5+ Kd7 3.Rb6 g2+ 4.Rxg2 Rh1+ 5.Kf2 Bc5+ 6.Kf3 Rf1+ 7.Ke4 Bxb6 8.Rxb2 Bxa5–+
1.Bb4? Bf6 2.Rxg3 Rh1+ 3.Kf2 b2 4.Ba5+ Kd7 5.Rb4 b1Q 6.Rxb1 Rxb1 7.Ke3 Nxd5+ 8.cxd5 Rb3+ 9.Kf4 Be5+ 10.Kxe5 Rxg3–+;
1.Ra1? Bc5 2.Bxg3 Bxg1 3.Kxg1 Ne2+ 4.Kg2 Nc3 5.Be1 b2 6.Bxc3 bxa1Q 7.Bxa1 Rf5–+

1…Bxd6 2.Rxa6!
2.Ra1? b2 3.Rb1 Bc5 4.Rxb2 Bxg1 5.Bxg3 Be3 6.Bxf4 Bxf4–+

2…Bc5 3.Bxg3 b2 4.Ra8+ Kd7 5.Rb8 Bxg1 6.Rxb2 Be3 7.Bxf4=

3.Rxg2 Rh1+
3…Nxg2 4.Rxd6+ Kc7 5.Bg3 Ne3+ 6.Ke2 Nf5 7.Rd3+ Nxg3+ 8.Rxg3 b2 9.Rg1=;
3…Bc5 4.Ra8+! Kd7 5.Rg7+ Kd6 6.Rd8+ Ke5 7.Re8+ Kf5 8.Rf7+ Kg4 9.Rg7+ Kf5=

4.Kf2? Bc5+! 5.Kg3 Nxg2–+

4…Rxg1+ 5.Kxg1 Bc5+
5…b2 6.Rxd6+! Kc7 7.Rd1!=

6.Kf1 b2 7.Ra8+!! Foresight effect!
7.Ra1? bxa1N–+ (or 7…bxa1B 8.Bc3 Bd4!–+). Even the exchange of Bishops does not save the White: 8.Bf2 Nd3 Bxc5 9.Nxc5 –+ (The white pawn is stopped on the Troitsky line!)

7…Kc7! 8.Ra1! bxa1N
8…bxa1B 9.Bg3! Be5 10.Bxf4 Bxf4= Black has two extra but useless Bishops;
8…bxa1Q (R) stalemate

9.Bc3! Nb3 10.Be5+ Bd6 11.Bxd6+ Kxd6 12.c5+! Kc6= Black has two extra but useless Knights, because the white pawn crossed the Troitsky line!