Nº27 Eduard Eilazyan


Section B.2.

Eduard Eilazyan (Ukraine)

5nR1/4b3/6bP/p7/p7/3Nk2p/1K6/N7 w – – 0 1

1.Ne5 Bf6–+

1…Bxh7 2.Rg3+! Kd2 3.Nf2 h2 4.Rg2! a3+ 5.Kb3 Bd6 6.Ng4+ Kd3 7.Nxh2 Be4 8.Rc2 Ne6 9.Rc3+ Ke2 10.Ng4 Kd2 11.Nf6 Bd3 12.Nd5 Nc5+ 13.Kxa3 Ne4+ 14.Kb2 Be5 15.Nb3+ Ke1 16.Nxa5=

2.Ka3 h2
2…Bxd3 3.h8Q Bxh8 4.Rxh8 Nh7 5.Re8+ Kf2 6.Re6 Ng5 7.Rh6 Bb5 8.Rh5 Be2 9.Rxh3 Nxh3 10.Kxa4=;
2…Bxh7 3.Rg3+ Ke2 4.Nf4+ Kd2 5.Rxh3 Bxa1 6.Rxh7 Nxh7 7.Kxa4 Bc3 8.Nd5=

3.h8Q? Bxh8 4.Rxh8 Nh7–+

3…Bxh7 4.Rg2! (but not 4.Rxf8? Be7+ 5.Kxa4 Bxf8 6.Ng4+ Ke2 7.Nxh2 Bf5 8.Kxa5 Bg7–+) 4…h1Q 5.Nxh1 Bxa1 6.Rg3+ Kf4 7.Kxa4 Be4 8.Ra3=

4.h8Q Bxh8 5.Rxf8+
5.Rxh8? Nh7–+

5…Bf6 6.Rxf6+ Ke2
6…Ke1 7.Nc2+ Bxc2 8.Rh6=

7.Re6+ Kd2
7…Kd1 8.Nc2 h1Q 9.Re1+ Qxe1 10.Nxe1 Kxe1 11.Kxa4=

8.Rd6+ Kc1 9.Rc6+ Kb1 10.Rb6+ Kxa1 11.Rd6 h1Q
11…Bh5 12.Rd1+ Bxd1 stalemate

12.Rd1+ Qxd1 stalemate to White
12…Bb1 13.Rxh1 stalemate to Black