Nº40 Eduard Eilazyan


Section B.1.

Eduard Eilazyan (Ukraine)


1.c5! Bb7+
1…b4 2.c6 b3 3.Bb1 Bc8 4.Bxa7 Kb5 5.c7 Kc6 6.Bb8+-

2.Kf4? b4! 3.Be6 Bc6 4.Bd4 b3 5.Bxf6 Ka3=

2…b4 3.Bf7!
Try 3.Be6? b3! 4.Bd7+ Ka3 5.c6 Ba6+ 6.Kd2 b2 7.Bc5+ Kb3! 8.Bf5 Bc8! 9.Be4 Be6! 10.c7 a5 11.Bd5+ Bxd5 12.c8Q b1Q=

3…b3 4.Be8+ Ka3 5.c6 Ba6+
5…Bc8 6.Bc5+!

6.Kd2 b2 7.Bc5+ Kb3
7…Ka2 8.Bf7+! Ka1 9.Bd4+-

8.Bf7+ Ka4 9.Kc2 Kb5=

8…Bc8 9.c7! a5 10.Bf7+!+-

9.Bxf5 Bc8!
The black bishop is sacrificed to distract the white bishop from the pawn promotion square.

Try: 10.Be4? Be6! 11.c7 a5! 12.Bd5+ Bxd5 13.c8Q b1Q=;
10.Bg6? Be6 11.c7 a5 12.Bf7 Bxf7 13.c8Q b1Q 14.Qb7+ Ka2 15.Qxf7+ Qb3=

10…Be6 11.c7 a5 12.Bg8! The counter sacrifice of the white bishop, carried out with a similar purpose. Theme: changing the functions of pieces.

12…Bxg8 13.c8Q b1Q 14.Qxg8+ and wins, for example 14…Kb2 15.Qc4 Qa2 16.Qc2+ Ka1 17.Bd4+ Qb2 18.Qxb2#