Nº39 Eduard Eilazyan


Section B.1.

Eduard Eilazyan (Ukraine)

kb6/5r1p/nKP1R3/2P2BPn/5pR1/6p1/8/8 w – – 0 1

1.Kxa6? Rxf5 2.Re7 Rxc5 3.Kb6 Rc2 4.Rxh7 g2! 5.Rxh5 g1Q+ 6.Rxg1 Ba7+ =

1…Ra7 2.c7! Bxc7+ 3.Kb5+-

2.Bxg6 Ra7 3.c7
3.Bxh5? Nc7 4.Rxf4 Ra6#

3…Nxc7? 4.Be4+ Nd5+ 5.Bxd5+ Rb7+ 6.Bxb7#

4.Kb5! Nxc5
4…Bd8 5.Be4+ Kb8 6.Rxa6 Rxa6 7.Kxa6+-

5.Re8+? Kb7 6.Kxc5 Nf6 7.Be4+ Nxe4+ 8.Rxe4 f3=

5…Ng7 6.Be4+! Open attack with a check to the black King 6…Kb8 7.Rxg7!
7.Re7? Bb6+! 8.Kxb6 Rxe7=

7…Bd6+! Open attack with a check to the white King 8.Kb6! First refusal to capture
8.Rxd6? Rxg7 9.Kb6 Rc7=
8.Kxd6? Rxg7=

8…Bc5+! 9.Kc6! Second refusal to capture
9.Kxc5? Rxg7 10.Kb6 Kc8=

9…Rxg7 10.Re8+ Ka7 11.Kb5! Third refusal to capture! 11…Rb7+ 12.Kxc5
12.Bxb7? Kxb7 13.Rg8 Bf2 14.Rg7+=

12…f3 13.Bxf3 g2 14.Rg8!
14.Bxg2? Rb5+ 15.Kxb5 stalemate

14…g1Q+ 15.Rxg1 Rb2
15…Rc7+ 16.Bc6 Kb8 17.Kd6 Rh7 18.Rg8+ Ka7 19.Kc5 (loss of time: 19.Bd5 Ka6 20.Kc5 Rc7+ 21.Bc6 Rh7 22.Rg1 Rh5+ 23.Bd5 Ka7 24.Rg8) 19…Rh5+ 20.Bd5+-

16.Ra1+ Kb8 17.Kd6 Rd2+ 18.Bd5+-

Reworking of my incorrect study Diagrammes 2009 No 170 (cook 3.Rc6!)