Nº19 Sergey Osintsev


Section A

Sergey Osintsev (Russia)


1.Rb3! Nd1 2.d5
2.Rb1? Nf2! 3.Rxc1 Nd3+=

2…Nf2 3.Kb6!
3.Kc6? Ng4! (3…Ne4? 4.Rb1! Bg5 5.Rg1! Bd2 6.Rg2 Bc3 7.Rc2!+-) 4.Rb4 Nf6!=

3…Ng4 4.d6! Nf6 5.Rh3! Nd7+ 6.Kc7 Nf6 7.Rf3 Bb2 8.Rb3+-

4.Rh3! forces the black Bishop to take a passive position.
Thematic try 4.Rf3? Bh6 5.Kc7 Bc1! 6.Kb6 Bh6 7.Rh3 Bg7! 8.Kc6 Kb8 9.Re3 Nf6! 10.d6 (10.Rg3 Bf8! 11.Rf3 Bg7! 12.d6 Kc8! 13.Rg3 Bf8 14.Rg6 Nd7!=) 10…Kc8! 11.Re7 Bh6 12.Rf7 Ng4! 13.Kd5 Bg5! 14.Rg7 Nf6+ 15.Kc6 Bh4! 16.Ra7 Kb8 17.Rf7 Bg5! 18.Rf8+ Ka7 19.Rf7+ Kb8= positional draw. 9.Rh7 Bc3! (9…Bf6? 10.Rb7+! Kc8 11.Rb4! Ng5 12.Rf4 Bg7 13.Rf5! Ne4 14.Rf7! Bh6 15.Rh7! Bg5 16.d6 Nxd6 17.Rh8+ Bd8 18.Kxd6+-) 10.Rb7+ Kc8 11.Re7 Nf6= positional draw.

4…Bb2 5.Rh4!+-

5.Rh8+ Bb8 6.Kc6 6.Rh4
Nc3! 7.Kc6 Nxd5=; 6.Rh1? Be5!=

or 6…Ng5 7.Rf8! The Rook cut the Knight vertically (7.d6? Nf7=; 7.Rh4? Be5! 8.Rg4 Nf7=) 7…Ne4 8.Rf1(f3) Nd2 9.Ra1+ Ba7 10.Ra4! The Rook cut the Knight horizontally. 10…Nf3 11.d6+-

7.Rh4! The Rook cut the Knight horizontally,
7.Rh1? Nc4! 8.Ra1+ Ba7 9.Ra4 Nb6 10.Rh4 Nxd5=

7…Nf3 8.Ra4+! Ba7 9.d6
9.Kc7? Nd4! 10.d6 Nb5+ 11.Kc6 Nxd6=


9…Kb8 10.Rb4+(Kd5)+-
9…Nd4+ 10.Kd5!+-

10.Kc7 Nf7 11.d7+-

Black’s King and Bishop occupied a draw corner. For a draw, it is enough to sacrifice a Knight for a pawn, but the comic aspect of the situation is that Black cannot do this.