Nº30 Michael Pasman


Section B.2.

Michael Pasman (Israel)



1.c4? fails to 1…f4! 2.Kxc7 Kb3! 3.Kxd6 Kb2–+
1.e4? immediately is not good enoufh, f.e. 1…fxe4 2.Rxe4+ Ka3 3.Re1 Kb2–+


1…Ka3 2.c4! (2.c3 Kb2 3.Re2+ Kxc3) 2…Kb2 3.Re2+ Kc3 4.Re1! Kxc4 5.e4!= as main line – move 3

2.c4! It appears that white’s idea was to free the second rank for rook checks, but he had to do that correctly 2…Kxc4 3.e4!!
3.Kxc7 Kd3 4.Kxd6 Kd2 5.Rh1 Kxe3–+

3…fxe4 4.Rxe4+ Kd3 5.Re1 Kc4 6.Re4+ Kc3 7.Re1 Kb4 8.Re4+! Ka5 9.Re1=
3…h1Q 4.Rxh1 fxe4 5.Ra1! Kb3 6.Re1! Kb2 7.Re2+!=

4.Kxc7 Kc5 5.Rd1!!
5.Rc1+? Kd4 6.Kxd6 Kxe4–+

5…f3 6.Rd5+!!
6.Kd7? f2–+


6…Kc4 7.Rd1 f2 8.Kxd6 Kb3 9.e5 Kb2 10.Rd2+ Kc1 11.Rxa2 Kb1 12.Rxf2 h1Q 13.e6 Qd1+ 14.Ke7! Draw

7.Rd1! Kb3
7…f2 8.Kxd6=
7…Kc5 8.Rd5+!=
7…Kc3 8.Kxd6 Kc2= as main line

8.Kxd6 Kb2 9.Rd2+ Kb1 10.Rd1+ Kc2 11.Rf1!
11.Rh1? f2 12.e5 Kb2 13.e6 a1Q–+

11…Kb2 12.Rf2+ Kb1 13.Rf1+ Kb2 14.Rf2+=]

12.e5 f2
12…Ke2 13.Ra1 f2 14.Rxa2+ as main

13.Ra1! Continuing with precise rook maneuvres
13.e6!? Ke2–+

13…h1Q 14.Rxh1 Ke2 15.e6 f1Q 16.Rxf1 Kxf1 17.e7 a1Q 18.e8Q=

14.Rxa2+ Kf3 15.Ra1 Kg2 16.e6 f1Q 17.Rxf1 Kxf1 18.e7 h1Q 19.e8Q=

White completed slowed-down excelsior starting with first e3! move (Festina Lente).