Nº18 Sergey Osintsev


Section A

Sergey Osintsev (Russia)


1.c6 Nd6+ 2.Kd5
2.Ke5? Nf7+! 3.Kd4 Nf4! 4.c7 (4.Re8 Nd6 5.c7 Nb5+=) 4…Nxe2+!!= (4…Nd6? 5.Kc5 Nc8 6.Re8 Na7 7.Kc4!! Ng6 8.Ra8 Ne5+ 9.Kd5 Nec6 10.Kc5+-)

2…Nc8 3.Re8 Nf4+ 4.Ke5
4.Kc5? Na7 5.c7 Kf6(f5) 6.Ra8 Ne6+ 7.Kb6 Nxc7 8.Kxc7 Nb5+ 9.Kc6 Nd4(c3)+=


4…Nd3+ 5.Kd4 Na7 6.c7 Nb5+ 7.Kxd3 Nxc7 8.Re7 Nd5 9.Re5++-

5.Ke6 Nf4+ 6.Kd7 Nb6+
6…Na7 7.c7 Ng6 8.Ra8 Ne5+ 9.Kd6(e6) Nb5+ 10.Kxe5 Nxc7 11.Ra7+-

7.Kd6 Kf5! 8.c7
Lost of time 8.Kc5 Na4+ 9.Kd6 Nb6; 8.Rf8+? Ke4 9.Re8+ Kd4 10.c7 Nfd5=

8…Nfd5 9.Re5+ Kf6 10.Rxd5!+-

9.Rf8+! Preliminary check,
early 9.Ra8!? Nfd5 10.Ra6 Kf7 11.Kc6 Nxc7 12.Kxc7 Nd5(Nc4)+=
9.Rb8? Nfd5 10.Kc6 Nxc7 11.Rxb6 Ne8!=

9…Kg5 10.Ra8!
10.Kc6? Nfd5 11.Rd8 Nxc7 12.Kxb6 Ne6=

10…Kf6 11.Ra6 (or 11.Kc6 Nfd5 12.Ra6) 11…Nfd5 12.Kc6 Ke7 13.Rxb6+- 12…Nxc7 13.Kxc7+-

11.Ra5! As a result of the preliminary check, the knight fell under the pin! 11…Kf6 12.Rxd5+-

Additional line 7…Kf6(g6) 8.Rf8+!
Lost of time 8.Kc5 Nbd5! 9.Kd6 Nb6

8…Kg5 9.Kc5!
9.Rb8? Nc4+ 10.Kc5 Na5! (10…Ne5? 11.c7 Ne6+ 12.Kd5 Nxc7+ 13.Kxe5 Na6 14.Rb5+-) 11.c7 Ne6+ 12.Kd6 Nxc7 13.Kxc7 Nc4!=)

9…Na4+ 10.Kb5
Lost of time 10.Kb4 Nb6 11.Kc5 Na4+

10…Nc3+ 11.Kc4 Ne4
11…Ncd5 12.Rxf4! Nxf4 13.c7+-

12.c7 Ne6! 13.c8Q Nd6+ 14.Kd5 Nxc8 15.Kxe6!+-