Nº28 Branislav Djurasevic & Mirko Markovic (+)


Section B.2.

Branislav Djurasevic & Mirko Markovic (+) (Serbia)


1.Rf4! Ned7!
1…Nh5 2.Rf1+ Kc2 3.Rf2+ Kc3 4.Bb7 (4.Bh1? Ng3–+) 4…g3 5.Rf5 Kd4 6.Bh1!=

2.Kb7! Going on long journey to h2! 2…Nc5+! Black uses the current position of the white king to regroup its pieces with a check and close the potentially dangerous diagonal g2-d5. [2…Kc2 3.Kc6 d5 4.Bxd5 Nxd5 5.Rf2+=]

3.Kc6 Nce4 4.Rxf6!! The least expected move out of the three possible moves by white rook is the correct one!
4.Rxe4? Nxe4 5.Bxe4+ Kc1 6.Kxd6 Kd2 7.Ke5 Ke3 8.Kf5 g3–+
4.Rxg4? Nxg4 5.Bxe4+ Kc1! 6.Kxd6 Kd2 7.Ke6 Ke3 (or 7…Ke2 8.Kf5 Ne3+! 9.Kf4 Kf2–+) 8.Kf5 Nh6+! 9.Ke5 Nf7–+

4…Nxf6 5.Kxd6 Kc2 6.Ke5 Kd3
6…Nh5 7.Kf5 g3 8.Kg4 Kd2 9.Kxh5 Ke3 10.Kg4 Kf2 11.Kh3!=

7.Kxf6? Ke3 8.Kg5 Kf2!–+

7…Ke2 8.Kg3 Ke1 9.Kxh2=

The brave white king marches from a7 to h2, from coast to coast (a-h line).