Nº32 Branislav Djuraševic


Section B.1.

Branislav Djuraševic (Serbia)


1.Bf7? h2! 2.Bd5+ Now d-file is closed by white bishop so Rd6 is without effect. 2…Kf1! (or immediately 2…Kg1! 3.Rg6 d2 4.Rxg3+ Kf1 5.Rd3 Ke2=) 3.Rf6+ Ke2 4.Kb1 d2 5.Re6+ Kf2 6.Kc2 g2!=

1…h2 (Variation A)
1…Kh2 (Variation B) 2.Bd7! d2! 3.Bg4! (3.Rd6? g2! 4.Rxd2 Kg3! 5.Rd1 h2–+; 3.Rxh3+? Kg2 4.Rxg3+ Kxg3 5.Ba4 Kf2!=) 3…d1Q+! 4.Bxd1 g2 5.Rg6 g1Q 6.Rxg1 Kxg1 7.Kb1! (7.Bf3? Kf2! 8.Bc6 Ke3 9.Kb1 Kd2=) 7…Kf2 8.Ba4! (8.Bb3? Ke3!=) 8…Ke3 9.Kc2+-
1…d2 2.Rd6 Kf2 3.Rxd2+ Ke3 4.Rd1! g2 5.Bc6!+-
1…Kf2 2.Rxh3 g2 3.Rh2 Kf1 4.Rxg2+-

2.Bc6+! Kf1! 3.Rf6+ Kg1
3…Ke2 or 3…Ke1 4.Kb1! d2 5.Re6+! Kf2 6.Rd6! (6.Kc2? g2! 7.Bxg2 Kxg2 8.Re2+ Kg3! or Kh3 (8…Kg1? 9.Rxd2+-) 9.Rxh2 Kxh2 10.Kxd2 Kg3=) 6…Ke1 7.Kc2+-

4.Rd6? g2 5.Rxd3 h1Q 6.Rd1+ Kh2 7.Rxh1+ gxh1Q+ 8.Bxh1 Kxh1 9.Kb1 Kg2=

4…d2 5.Rd6! With black pawn od d2 this move works.
5.Rxg3+? Kf2 6.Rd3 Ke2! 7.Rd8 d1Q+ 8.Rxd1 Kxd1 9.Kb1 Kd2!=

5…g2 6.Bxg2! Kxg2 7.Rxd2+ Kg3 8.Rd1 Kg2 9.Kb1 h1Q 10.Rxh1 Kxh1 11.Kc2+-

6.Bxh1 Kxh1 7.Kb1! g2 8.Rh6+ Kg1 9.Kc2 Kf1! 10.Rf6+!
10.Kxd2? g1Q 11.Rf6+ Qf2+!=

10…Ke1 11.Re6+ Kf1
11…Kf2 12.Kxd2+-

12.Kxd2 g1Q 13.Re1+!+-
13.Rf6+? Qf2+!=

13…Kf2 14.Rxg1 Kxg1 15.Kc3 Kf2 16.Kb3 Ke3 17.Kxa3 Kd4 18.Kb4 Kd5 19.Kb5 Kd6 20.Kb6 Kd7 21.Kb7 Kd6 22.a4+-

Rook, Bishop with King help are stronger than three pawns in front ofpromotions . Two main variations with two different actors in main roles (R and B).