Nº17 Leonid Topko


Section B.1.

Leonid Topko (Ukraine)


1.Rd6? Bf4!–+ (1…g1Q? 2.Ra6+ see solution)

1…g1Q 2.Ra4+ Qa7+ 3.Rxa7+ Kxa7 4.b6+ Ka8 5.b7+ Ka7 6.Nc6+ Ka6 the first phase of the decision is over 7.Nb4+!
7.Ne5? Bf4!=

7…Ka5 8.Nd3! Bh4 9.Ne5 /Kd6+-

Ukrainian theme-syntesis of the topik of change of multiphase etude and theme of change of the paln of the game (Krivorozhsky topik) with Logic study