Nº 11 M. Zinar & L. Katsnelson (Ukraine-Russia)

Sección B.1.

Mikhail Zinar & Leonard Katsnelson (Ukraine-Russia)


1.Kf2? axb5 (1…Kd6? 2.g4 axb5 3.g5+-) 2.Kxe2 b4 (2…Kd6? 3.g4 Kxd5 (3…b4 4.g5 bxa3 5.g6 a2 6.gxf7 a1Q 7.f8Q++-) 4.g5 Ke5 5.gxh6 Kxf6 6.Kd3 b4 7.axb4+-) 3.Kd3 bxa3 4.Kxc3 Kd6 5.g4 Kxd5 6.g5 Ke5 7.gxh6 Kxf6 8.h3 a6!–+ Monkey game pawns in the year of the monkey!) 9.h4 A5 + zz Black and white symmetry on the diagonal h1–a8.

1…axb6 2.Kf2 b5 3.Kxe2 b4 4.Kd3
4.g4? bxa3 5.g5 a2 6.g6 a1Q 7.d6+ Kc6 8.gxf7 Qc1 9.f8Q Qxc2+=

4…bxa3 5.Kxc3 Kd6 6.g4 Kxd5 7.g5 Ke5 8.gxh6 Kxf6 9.h3 a5 10.h4+- zz

In comparison with studies of L. Katznelson, the «Grigoriev–120» competition a tactical technique to fight for Zugzwang applies: a damned victim pawn.It was not a decision symmetry in black and white and HP

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