Nº3 M. Hlinka & L. Kekely (Slovaquia)

Sección B.1.

Michal Hlinka & Ľuboš Kekely (Slovaquia)


1…Rb3+ 2.Kc5 Nxb7+ 3.Kc4! Bxe2+ 4.Kxb3 Bxa6 5.cxb7 Nd3 6.Rc6 Bxb7 7.Rc3+-

2.Kc5 Nc7 3.Ra8+ Nxa8 4.bxa8Q+ Kxa8 5.c7
5.Rxf1? Rxe2 6.Rf8 Rc2+ 7.Kb5 Rxc6=

5…Ne6+ 6.Kd6!
6.Kb6? Rb3+ 7.Bb4 Rxb4+ 8.Ka5 Nxc7 9.Kxb4 Nd5+=
6.Kc6? Bg2+ 7.Kd7 Nxc7 8.Bc5 Rh3! 9.Kxc7 Rh7+ 10.Kd6 Kb7 11.Rb1+ Ka6=

6…Nxc7 7.Kxc7 Bxe2
7…Rxa3 8.Rxf1 Rc3+ 9.Kd7 Re3 10.Ra1+! Kb7 11.Ra2! Kb6 12.Kd6!+-
7…Rxe2 8.Bc5 Ra2 9.Rxf1+-

8.Bc5 double threat 9.Ra1+ and 9.Bxe3 8…Re6 9.Re1! tempo 9…Bc4 10.Rd1 and wins. Meredith. Zugzwang. Mate threats.

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