Nº9 Árpad Rusz (Rumania)


Section: B.1.

Arpad Rusz (Rumania)


1.Kb2 Ka7 2.Kc3 Kb6 3.Kd4 Kxc6 4.Ke5 Kd7 5.Kf6!!
Thematic try: 5.Kxf5? c5 mutual zugzwang 6.g4 (6.Kg6 Ke7! 7.Kg7 Ke6 8.Kg6 Ke7 positional draw) 6…c4 7.gxh5 c3 8.h6 c2 9.h7 c1Q 10.h8Q Qc2+ 11.Kg5 Qg2+ perpetual check 12.Kh6 WCCT–10 Position 12…Qc6+! The 6th rank is open! 13.Kg5 Qg2+ perpetual check

5…c6!? 6.Ke5! Kc7! (6…Ke7 7.Kxf5 c5 8.Ke5+-) 7.Kxf5 (7.Ke6? c5 8.Kxf5 Kd7!=) 7…c5 8.Kg6! (8.Ke5? Kc6 9.f5 c4 10.f6 Kd7=; 8.g4? c4 9.gxh5 c3 10.h6 c2 11.h7 c1Q 12.h8Q Qc2+ 13.Kg5 Qg2+ perpetual check 14.Kh6 Qc6+ 15.Kg5 Qg2+ perpetual check) 8…c4 9.f5 c3 10.f6 Kd7 (10…c2 11.f7 c1Q 12.f8Q+-) 11.f7 Ke7 12.Kg7+-

6.Kxf5 c5 7.g4!
7.Kg6? Ke7! positional draw 8.Kg7 Ke6 9.Kg6 Ke7 positional draw; 7.Ke4? Ke6=

7…hxg4 8.Kxg4 c4 9.Kf3+-

8.gxh5 c3 9.h6 c2 10.h7 c1Q 11.h8Q Qc2+ 12.Kg5 Qg2+ 13.Kh6! +-

WCCT–10 Position A. White wins because there is no check on c6, the 6th rank is closed!