Nº10 Árpad Rusz (Rumania)


Section: B.1.

Arpad Rusz (Rumania)


1.c6! bxc6
1…axb6 2.Nxb6+ Kc5 3.c7! Bxc7 4.Kxc7+-

2.Nxa7! The knight starts an interesting journey: it will visit all squares from a 3×3 square-shaped territory viac 8-a7-c6-b8-a6-c7-a8-b6!
2.bxa7? Bxa7=

2…c5 3.Nb5 c4 4.b7 Kc5 5.Kc8 Be5 6.Nc7 c3 7.b8Q+-

3.Nxc6 Kxb6 4.Nxb8 Kc5 5.Na6+ Kb6 6.Nc7 Kc5 7.Na8! Kb4 8.Nb6 This move completes the full 3×3 journey! 8…Kc5 9.Kc7+-