Nº26 Alexey Gasparyan


Section B.2
Alexey Gasparyan (Armenia)


1.Nc5+! Kc6 2.Rh8!!
But not 2.Nf6!? Qf5! 3.Ra6+ K*c5 4.Ra5+ Kd6 5.c5+ Kc7 6.Ne8+ Kd7 etc. -+.
Also bad 2.Ra6+?! K*c5 3.h8Q Bc6! 4.Ra5+ Kb4 etc. black wins -+.

2…Ndf5! 3.Ne6! Not 3.Ra6+!
K*c5 etc. -+. Now in case 3…Q*g7+ 4.N8*g7! Ng6+ 5.Ke8 Nd6+ 6.Kd8 N*f7+ 7.Ke8 draws =. Stronger

3…Q*e6! 4.Ra6+ Kd7 5.R*e6 K*e6 6.c5+! Kd7 7.c6+! B*c6
Or 7…K*c6 8.Bd5+! Kd7! 9.Be6+! K*e6 10.g8Q(R) =

8.Be6+! K*e6 9.g8Q!
9.g8R? loses after 9…Bh6+ 10.Ng7 N*g7 etc. -+.

9…Bh6+ 10.Ng7+ K-
(or 10…N*g7 11.Q*g7 Ng6+ 12.Kg8 Ne7+ 13.Kf8 =) stalemate with a tied knight and walled-up white heavy figures.