Nº11 Michael Pasman


Section A.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


White has to eliminate black pawns for a draw 1.Rh7!
Thematic logical try : 1.Rh1? Rxf7 2.Rd1+ Bd6–+
Prematurely 1.Kxa5? Kc6–+
Prematurely 1.Kxb5? Bc7-+

1…Ke7 2.Kxa5 Rb1 3.Rh3 Kxf7 4.Kb6 Rb3 5.Rh5=
1…Bc7+ 2.Kb7 Ke6 3.Rh6+ Kxf7 4.Kxc7=

2.Rh1! The black king should be kept away from protecting pawns
Thematic logical try : 2.Rh6+? Kd5 3.Kxa5 (3.Kxb5 Bxc3) 3…Kc5–+
Prematurely 2.Kxa5? Kc5 /c6`-+
Prematurely 2.Kxb5? Bxc3-+

2…Rxf7 3.Rd1+ Ke6 4.Kxa5! Rb7 5.Ka6 Rb8 6.Rb1=
2…Rf4 3.Rd1+=

3.Rd1?+ Ke7 4.Kxa5 Bxc3+–+

3…Rxf7 4.Kxa5! black king can’t defend pawns because e5 is under attak 4…Rb7 5.Ka6=

Prematurely 4.Kxa5? Kc6! 5.Rxe5 Ra4#
4.Kxb5? Bxc3–+

4…Rxf8 5.Kxa5! Only now 5…Rb8 Black succeeded to defend his second pawn, but his pieces are badly placed 6.Kb4! Ke6 7.Rg5!
7.Rh6+? Kd7 8.c4 Bd6+!–+

7…Bd6+ 8.Ka5 Bc7+ 9.Kb4! Be5 10.Rh5!
10.Rg6+? Kd7 11.Rg5 Bd6+–+

10…Bd6+ 11.Ka5 Be5 12.Kb4= Positional draw