Nº4 Michael Pasman


Section A.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


Main plan of white :advancing and promoting a-pawn

Prematurely 1.a5? Nf3+ 2.Ke2 Nd4+=
1.Ne7+? /h6 1…Ke5 2.a5 Nf3+ 3.Kf2 Nd4=
Thematic logical try 1.dxc6? Ke6=

1…Ng6 2.a5+-
1…Ng4 2.a5+-

Prematurely 2.a5? Nd6! 3.a6 Nb5=
Thematic logical try 2.dxc6? Ke6=

2…Nxh6 3.a5 Nf1!
Again – main plan of white :advancing and promoting a-pawn 3…Nf7 4.a6+-

4.Kxf1? Ng4 5.Ke2 (5.a6 Ne3+ 6.Ke2 Nxd5) 5…Nf6! 6.g4+ Ke5! 7.a6 Nxd5 8.a7 Nb6!=
Thematic logical try : 4.dxc6? Nxg3+ 5.Ke1 Ng8! 6.a6 Ne7 7.a7 Nxc6 8.a8Q Ne5= Position X1 Theoretical draw
Prematurely 4.a6? because black will save his both knights , capturing second white pawn with theoretical draw (or stop a-pawn) 4…Nxg3+ 5.Kf3 (or 5.Ke1 cxd5 6.a7 is theoretical draw with 2 defended knights vs queen) 5…Ne4 6.dxc6 Ng5+ 7.Ke2 Ne6 8.a7 Nc7= stopping the pawn

4…Ke5 5.a6 Ng3+ 6.Kf3 Ne4 7.a7+-
4…Kxg4 5.Kxf1!+-

5.dxc6 Ng3+ 6.Ke1! Switchback 6…Ke6 7.a6 Ne5 8.a7 Nxc6 9.a8Q Ne5 Position X2 – black king on e6
With other moves one of the knights will also be trapped : 9…Kd7 10.Qb7+ Kd6 11.Qh7 Ne5 12.Kf2+-
9…Kd6 10.Qa3++-
9…Kd5 10.Qg8++-

10.Qg8+ Kf6 11.Qxg3+- winning