Nº19 Marc Gelly


Section B.2.

Marc Gelly (France)


1.g6? N×g4+ 2.f×g4 g2
3.Nf5+ K×g4 4.g7 K×f5 5.g8Q Be3+ 6.Kh7 g1Q -+
or 3.g5 Bd4! 4.Nf5+ Kg4 5.g7 g1Q -+

1…Kh3 2.N×g3!! Sacrifice.
2.g6? g2 3.g7 Bf2
4.g8Q g1Q 5.Qb3 Qç1+ 6.Kh7 Qç7+ -+ (6.g5 Qf4 -+)
or 4.g5 g1Q 5.g8Q N×f3 6.Nd6 N×g5! -+ (6.Qg6 Qg4! -+)

2…b4 3.g6 b3 4.Ne2 Bd4 665.N×d4 e×d4 6.g7 b2 =

3.g6 only now e4! a new candidate for the promotion. 4.g7! e×f3 5.g8Q f2
5…Be3+ 6.g5 f2 7.Qb8+ Kh3 8.Q×b5 f1Q 9.Q×f1 N×f1 idem main line.

Thematic TRY. 6.Qb3+? Kh4!! 7.Q×b5 f1Q! 8.Q×f1 N×f1 -+

6…Kh4 7.Qd8+ Kh3 8.Qd3+ Draw.

7.Q×b5 f1Q 8.Q×f1 N×f1 9.g5 Be3 10.a6 Kg4 11.a7 B×a7 12.g6 Bd4
And After 13.g7 B×g7 or 13.Kh7 Draw.

THEME – Pawn promotion race.