Nº20 Alain Pallier

BTM Draw

Section B.2.

Alain Pallier (France)


1…e1Q 2.Rf5 (Sf6) =

2.Kd8? e1=Q 3.Rf5 Qh4-+

2…e1Q An unusual distribution of material. 3.Rf5!
3.Rf7? Qg2! 4.Rh7+ Kg1 5.Sf3+ Kf2 6.Rxg2+ Kxf3 -+

3…Qg2 4.Rxg2+ Kxg2 5.Rxd5 = Normally you cannot refuse a triple fork (KQQ) …

4.Rh6+? Kg2 5.Rg5+ Kf2 (Qg3) -+

4…Kh3!…but it is eventually refused since Black must surrender promoted Queen in worse conditions for Black!5.Sg1+!!
5.Sxd2? Sxg6 -+

5…Qxg1 6.Rxg1 Qf2
6…Qe3 7.Rfg5=

7.Rb1? Qg2+ 8.Kc7(a7) Qc2+(a2+) and 9….Qxb1 -+
7.Rf7? Kh2 8.Rg6 Qf3+ -+
7.Rfg5? Kh2! 8.Sf6 d2 9.Rb1 Qe1 10.Sg4+ Kg3 (2) 11.Se3 (+) Kf3 12.Rb3 Ke2 -+

7…Kg3 and, eg, 8.Rg5+ Kf3 9.Sf6(e7) =

8.Ra1? Qd4! 9.Ra2+ d2 -+

8…Qe3 9.Sf6 (Rfxb5) d2 10.Rfxb5 (Sf6) Qd3 11.Rg5+ Kf2 (11…Kf3 12.Rgg1 Se6 and eg 13.Kb8 Qç4 14.b7 Qc7+ 15.Ka8 Qç6 16.Rgd1 Ke2 17.Sh5 =) 12.Rgg1 Ke2 and, eg, 13.Rh1 Qd4 14.Ka8 Se6 15.b7 Qa4+ 16.Kb8 Sc5 17.Kc7 d5 18.b8=S =

9.Rfxb5? d2 10.Kb8 d1Q 11.Rxd1 Qxd1 12.Rg5+ Kf3 13.b7 and, eg,13…Qa4 -+
9.Ra1? and, eg, 9…Se6 10.Se7 d2 11.Rd5 Kf3 12.Rf1+ Ke2 13.Rh1 Sc5+ -+
9.Rg5+? Kf2 10.Rgxb5 d2 11.Kb8 d1Q 12.Rxd1 Qxd1 -+ Black Knight is now lost (White easily draws if it moves from f4) but this gives Black time for a second Q-promotion.

9…d2! 10.Rbxf4! d1Q 11.Sf6
11.Rg5+? Kh3! 12.Sf6 and, eg, 12…Qh1+ and Black wins
11.Se7? and, eg, 11…Kg3 and Black wins.

11…Qde2! 12.Kb8!
12.Rg5+? Kh3 13.Kb8 b4 14.Rxb4 Qf3-+ or 14.Rfg4 Qxg4 -+
12.Rg4+? Qxg4 13.Sxg4 Qe4+ 14.Kc7 Qxg4 15.b7 Qxf5 -+

12…b4 13.b7! (13.Rg4+? Qxg4! 14.Sxg4 Qe4 15.b7 Qxg4 16.Kc7 Qxf5 17.b8Q and, eg, 17…Qc5+ -+; 13.Rg5+? Kh3 14.b7 b3 15.Rfg4 Qe5 16.Rg1 Kh2 17.Sg4+ Kxg1 18.Sxe5+ Kf2 -+) 13…b3 14.Rg4+ Qxg4 15.Sxg4 Qe4 16.Kc7 Qc4+ (16…Qxg4? 17.b8Q Qxf5 18.Qxb3=) 17.Kxd6 with a draw and not 17.Kd8? Qxg4 18.b8=Q Qxf5 19.Qb3 d5 and the Q-ending is won for Black.

13.Sh5+? Kh3! 14.Rf3+ Kg2 15.Sf4+ Kxf3 16.Sxe2+ Kxe2 17.Rxb5 Qc4(6) -+

13…b4 14.Ka7
14.Sh5+? Kh3! 15.Rf3+ Kg2 -+
14.Rf1? b3 ! -+

14…Qa2+ 15.Kb8 Qac2 16.Ka7 Qa2+ draw positional n°1

15.Kb8 Qee2
15…Qxf4 16.Sh5+! Kh2 17.Rxf4 b3 18.Rh4+! =
15…b3 16.Rg4+! Kh2 17.Rh4(5)+ =

16.Ka7 Qa4+
16…Qe3+ 17.Kb8 positional draw n°2

17.Kb8 Qc2
17…d5 18.Rd4! Qa1 19.Sh5+ (Rb4) =

18.Ka7 Qa4+ 19.Kb8 positional draw n°3