Nº26 Alain Pallier


Section B.1.

Alain Pallier (France)


1.Qa5+ Kf1
1…Kf2 2.Sd2 Bxd2 3.Qxd2 +-

2.Qa3? d3!! 3.Qxd3 and eg 3…g2 4.Sd2+ Bxd2 5.Qf3+ Kg1 6.h7 Ra4+ 7.Kb7 Rab4 8.Kc7 Rec4+ 9.Kd7 Rxb5 10.Kxe7 Rc7+ 11.Kd6 Rxh7 and Black draws but not 2…Rc6+? 3.Kb7 g2 4.Sd2+ Kxe2 5.Sxe4 g1=Q 6.Qxe7 Rxh6 7.Bg7! Rh7 8.f6 h4 9.Qe5 Ke1 10.Kc6 and White wins
nor 2…g2? 3.Sd2+ Kxe2 (3…Bxd2 4.Qf3+ and 5.Qxg2 +-) 4.Sxc4 g1=Q 5.Sxe3 Qxe3 6.Sxd4+ and White wins.

2…Bxd2 3.Qxd2 g2 4.Bxd4! Rexd4!
4…Ra4+ 5.Kb7! Raxd4 6.Sxd4 g1=Q 7.Qc(d)1+ Kg2 8.Qxg1+ Kxg1 9.h7+- but not 5.Kb6? Raxd4! 6.Sxd4 g1Q drawing because after 7.Qc(d)1+ Kg2 8.Qxg1+ Kxg1 9.h7 Black now has 9…Sc8+ giving the rook access to 8th rank.

5.Sxd4 g1=Q 6.e3! Ra4+!
6…Rxd4? 7.Qc1+ (7.exd4? Qg3! 8.h7 Qd6+ 9.Kb5 Qd7+ and Black draws or 8.Qd1+ Kf2! [8…Kg2 9.Qe2+ Kh3 10.Qxh5+] 9.Qc2+ [9.h7 Qd6+ =] 9…Kf1 10.Qc5 Sxf5! 11.d5+ Kh1 12.Qc1+ Kh2 13.Qc2+ Kg1 14.Qxf5+ Qa3+ =) 7…Kf2 8.Qxg1+ Kxg1 9.exd4 +-

7.Kb5! Rxd4! 8.exd4!
8.Qxd4? Qg5! and Black draws, and not 8…Qf2? 9.Qa1+ Kg2 10.Qg7+ Kh3 11.Qxe7 Qxf5+ 12.Kc6 +- nor 8…Qg8 9.Qc4 +- 8.Qc1+? Kf2 9.Qxg1+ Kxg1 10.exd4 Sxf5 11.h7 Sd6+ and 12…Sf7 =

After 8…Sxf5 White wins, eg 9.Qd3+ Kg2 10.h7 +-

9.Qd1+? Kf2! 10.Qd2+ (10.Qc2+ Kg1(f1) 11.h7 Qb8+ 12.Kc4 Qc7+ 13.Kb3 Qb6+ 14.Ka2 Qh6 =) 10…Kg1! (but not 10…Kf1? 11.h7, see main line) 11.h7 (11.Ka4 Qd6 12.h7 Qf6=) 11…Qb3+! 12.Ka6 Qa4+ 13.Kb6 Qb3+ 14.Kc7 Qf7! and promotion is prevented thanks to the battery on 7th rank or 12.Qb4 Qd3+! (now possible because Kg1 has been played, White cannot answer 13.Qc4 since there is no pin) 13.Ka4 and, eg, 13…Qd1+ and Black draws.

Now 9…Qb3+ 10.Qb4 Qd5+ (10…Qd3+ 11.Qc4 and thanks to bK on f1, White wins : …Qxf5+ is not possible) 11.Qc5 and White wins : 11…Qd7+ 12.Ka6 Qd8 13.d5 etc.

10.Ka4? eg 10…Qe8+ 11.Ka3 Sd5 =

The best movz, that sets a defensive battery.10…Qc8+ 11.Kb3! Qb8+ 12.Qb4 +-
10…h4 and, eg, 11.d5 Sc8 12.Qd1+ Kg2 13.Qg4+ Kf1 14.Qh3+ Kg1 15.Qxh4 +-

11.Qd3+? (11.h8=Q? Sb(d)6+ =) 11…Kf2! (11…Kg1? 12.Qe3+ Kg2 13.Qe5+-) 12.Qc2+ Kf1 =

11…Qb3+ (11…Qg3+ 12.Qe3 +-) 12.Qc3! Qd1+ 13.Ke4! Qe2+ 14.Kf4 Qg4+ 15.Ke5 Qg7+ 16.f6 Qg5+ 17.Ke6 Qg4+ 18.Kf7 Qd7+ 19.Kg6 Se7+ and the quickest win is now 20.Kh6 Sf5+ 21.Kg5 Sd6 22.Qf3+ etc

12.h8=Q? Qb3+ = ; 12.Qf4+? Kg2! 13.h8=Q Qb3(5)+ =

12…Kg2 13.h8=Q Qxh8 14.Qc6+ Kh3 15.Qxd6 and White wins.

13.h8=R? Qb5(3)+ =

13…Qb3+ 14.Qc3 Qb5+ 15.Kc2 +-

14.Qf4+ Kg2 15.Qxd6 and White wins the 7-men Q-ending, eg 15…h4 (15…Qa8 16.Qg6+ Kf2 17.Qxh5 +-) 16.Qg6+ Kf2 17.f6 h3 18.Qf5+ Kg3 19.f7 Qf8 20.Ke3.+-