Nº6 Marc Gelly


Section B.2.

Marc Gelly (France)


1.h7! Be5! 2.K×e5 Re7+!
Le coup intermédiaire ! Zwischenzug.
Without Zwischenzug: 2…R×h7 3.N×h7 ç3! (3…K×h3 4.Kf4! =) 4.Bf5 g2 5.Ng5! idem main line.

Thematic Try3.Kd4? R×h7 4.N×h7 ç3!! (4…K×h3? 5.Ke3!! =) 5.K×ç3 K×h3 6.Ng5+ Kg4! 7.Ne4 g2 -+

3…R×h7 4.N×h7 g2
4…ç3 5.Bf5! (5.Bb3? g2 6.Ng5 Kg3! 7.Ne4+ Kf3 8.Bd1+ Ke3 9.N×ç3 g1Q b-wins Nalimov tablebases.) 5…g2 6.Ng5! idem main line.

Logical TRY 5.B×ç4? g1Q b-wins Nalimov T.

5…Kg3 6.Ne4+! (6.B×ç4? g1Q b-wins Nalimov T.) Kh4 7.B×ç4 g1Q 8.b5!! Draw NalimovT
or 7.Kd4! g1Q + 8.K×ç4 Draw Nalimov T.

6.Bb3? Kg3! 7.Ne4+ Kf3/h4 -+

6…Kg3 7.Ne4+!
7.Nh3? ç2 8.Ng1 ç1Q 9.Ne2+ Kf3 10.N×ç1 g1Q b-wins Nalimov T.
or 8.Nf4 g1Q 9.Ne2+ Kf2 10.N×g1 ç1Q b-wins Nalimov T.

7…Kh4 8.N×ç3 g1Q and DRAW with extremely precise manoeuvres of w-Knight, King and Bishop

9.Nd5!! Qg5! 10.Ke6!! Qh5! 11.Bd3!! Qh6+! 12.Ke5! DRAW.Nalimov T.

Theme -Zwischenzug of blacks in b-counterplay :The white’s probability of being wrong is increased. (See Thematic TRY and Logical TRY)