Nº5 Serhiy Didukh


Section B.2.

Serhiy Didukh (Ukraine)


Black could win here without his knight, but he can’t win with it. 1.Qg4 Bg1+! The guilty man is forced to leave the board. But the move of the bishop to the other edge has a drawback that will save White later. Knight can work to pay his debt 1…Nf2 2.Qb4+ Kc1 3.Qc4+ Kd1 and it’s a perpetual because the clumsy man interefed with the rook! 4.Qf1+! Kc2 5.Qc4+

2.Kxh3 Rh7+ 3.Kg2! Rg7 4.Qxg7 d1Q 5.e6! dxe6 6.Qg6+ Qc2+ The plan to win the last black pawn ran into the counter check. White swithes to his plan B. 7.Kh1! Kc1
7…Qxg6 stalemate.
7…e5 8.Qb6+! Bxb6 stalemate.

8.Qxe6? Qh2#

8…Qd2 9.Qc5+! Bxc5 stalemate.

Model stalemates with the change of control over g1 and h2 squares by Queen and Bishop.