Nº19 Serhiy Didukh


Section A.

Serhiy Didukh (Ukraine)


1.Nxe6? exf6 2.Nxf8 Ne7 3.exf6 Nc6 4.f7 Kg7 5.Ne6+ Kxf7 6.Nf4 Nb4–+;
1.a5? bxa5 2.f7 Bxa2! 3.fxg8Q+ Kxg8 4.Nxd3 Bg7–+

1…Nh6 2.a5! Now it’s time for White to eliminate his pieces and celebrate a stalemate. 2…bxa5 3.Ng6+ Kg7! Black must keep the knight alive.
3…hxg6 4.Bxh6 Bxh6 5.g5!=

4.Bxh6+ Kxh6 5.g5+!
5.Nxf8? Kg7 6.h6+ Kxf7! 7.g5 Bxa2 8.g6+ hxg6 and there’s a survivor in this attack

5…Kg7 6.Nh8! (thematic move) 6…h6
6…Bxa2 7.h6+ Kxh8 8.g6 Bd5 9.g7+

7.g6! The knight and the bishop don’t have moves, the king has only one – 7…Kxh8 8.g7+ Bxg7 9.f8Q+ Bxf8 stalemate.
Incarceration of the knight with the goal to make Black capture it.