Nº28 Oleg Pervakov


Section B.1.

Oleg Pervakov (Russia)

Dedicate to Lena Novoselskaya


1.Bc1? Nb2! 2.Bg5 Nd3=

1…Kd3 2.Bc1+-

2.Bc1? Kxa4 3.Kb6 Kb4 4.Bd2+ Nc3!=

2…Kxa4 3.Kb6
3.Bb3+? Kb5 4.Bxc2 Nc3=

3…Nc3 4.Bxc3
4.Bb3+? Kb4 5.Bxc2 Kc4! 6.Bb3+ Kd3 7.Bc1 a4 8.Bf7 Kc2=

4…dxc3 5.Kc5!
5.Bb3+? Kb4 6.Bxc2 c5! 7.Kc6 Kc4 8.Kd6 Kd4=

5…c1N Phoenix 6.Bg6 Nb3+ 7.Kc4 Nd2+ 8.Kxc3 Nf3

8…Nf1 9.Bc2+ Kb5 10.Bd3+-

9.Be4 Ne5 10.Kd4! Ng4
10…Nd7 11.Bxc6+-

11.Kc5 Ne5 12.Bc2#
12.Bf5? Nd3+ 13.Bxd3=
Karen Sumbatyan’s commentary: The wife is the principal enemy of the endgame study. She can hardly watch the head of the family meditating over chess instead of bringing home the bacon. Any time my wife Lena sees the chessboard squares and chess pieces, she cannot help grunting: b6 – a4 again? I’m used to this strange question from a person who has never played chess, but the other day it dawned on me: this is a knight’s move! Oleg could not give this finding a miss and dedicates the study with a fateful first move in Lena’s life at her birthday. Lena loves Oleg very much, makes fun of his love stories, but not of poetry – she enjoys it. There is only one thing she cannot understand – drinking vodka for breakfast