Nº11 Michael Pasman


Section A.

Michael Pasman (Israel)


1.gxh3? c3 2.Kb5 c2 3.Be3 Nd1–+
1.g4? c3–+

secondary line 1…c3 2.gxh4 c2 3.Kb7!! (not 3.Rc6? Ng4! 4.Bb8 e3 5.Bf4 e2 6.Kb7 (6.Bd2 Nxh2–+) 6…e1Q–+) 3…c1Q 4.Rb6+ Ka2 5.Ra6+ Kb3 6.Rb6+=

2.Kc6! pawn sacrificed on g3 and white doesn’t captures back
2.Kc5? c3 3.Kd5 c2–+
2.Kb5? c3 3.Bxf2 Bxf2 4.Rxe4 c2 the white king is too far from h pawn after the exchange of rook and c-pawn; 2.hxg3 black forwards h-pawn and c-pawn

now 2…c3 3.Bxf2 Bxf2 4.Rxe4 c2 5.Rb4+ Kc1= the king is close enough to h-pawn, for example 6.Kd5 Kd1 7.Rc4 c1Q 8.Rxc1+ Kxc1 9.Ke4=

3.Rxe4? c3 4.Rb4+ Ka2–+ 5.hxg3 c2 6.Rc4 Kb3 7.Rxc2 Kxc2 8.Bg1 Nf2 /e3 9.Kd5 Kd3–+

3…c3 4.Kxe4
4.Rb6+? Kc1 5.Kxe4 Bxh2–+
4.Bd4? c2 5.Rb6+ Kc1 6.Kxe4 Kd2 7.Rc6 Bxh2 8.Kf3 Bf4–+ /b8

4…c2 5.Be3! bishop sacrificed on e3 and white will not capture back
5.Rc6? Bxh2–+
Thematic try : 5.Rb6+? Nb2! (not 5…Kc1 6.Rc6! Bxh2 7.Be3+! Nxe3 8.Kxe3=) 6.Rc6 Bxh2 7.Be3 Bd6!! 8.Kf3 h2 9.Kg2 Nd1! 10.Rb6+ Ka2 11.Ra6+ Kb3–+

5…Nxe3 6.Rb6+! Ka2 7.Rc6 Bf2 8.Kd3 Kb3
8…Bg1 9.Kd2! Kb3 10.Rb6+=

9.Rb6+ Ka3 10.Rc6 Kb2 11.Kd2!
11.Rb6+? Kc1–+
11.Ke2? Nd1–+

11…Bg1 12.Rb6+=

Thematic try : 12.Ke2? double attack, but : 12…Bd4! 13.Rxc2+ (13.Kxf1 Bc3!–+) 13…Kxc2 14.Kxf1 Kd3!–+

or 12…c1Q ; 12…Ne3 13.Kd2! Nf1+ 14.Kd3=

13.Rxc1 Kxc1 14.Ke2 double attack 14…Nxh2
14…Bd4 15.Kxf1 Kd1= Stalemate
14…Bg1 15.Kxf1=
14…Bc5 15.Kxf1 Kc2 16.Ke2 Kc3 17.Kf3=

15.Kxf2 With theoretical draw 15…Kd2 or Ng4 is also draw 16.Kg3=