Nº33 Vasily Murashov


Section B.1.

Vasily Murashov (Russia)


In this composition, White quite often gets the opportunity to lose time.. But I will try to put this ending in the Etudes section.. I think that the positions in which White surprises the viewer should be combined and preserved.

1.Ke8?= Qxc6+=
1.Rh5+- Qf4+ 2.Ke6 Qg4+ 3.Rf5 Qg3 4.Kd7 Qd3+ 5.Rd5 Qh3+ loss of time ….. In the main case —- this position occurs after the second pass 6.Kd8 Qh8+ 7.Kc7+-]

1…Qc4 2.Kd7 Qa4 3.Nc8 Qb3 4.Ra5 Qh3+ 5.Kc7 Qc3 6.Rb5 Qd3 7.Na7+-; 1…Qc3 2.Rh5 Qc4+ 3.Kd7 Qd4+ 4.Rd5 Qa4 5.Rd6+-

2.Kd7 Qh3+ 3.Kd8
3.Kc7?? Qe6 4.Rd7 The rook leaves the d5-square and gains nothing … (???) … 4…Qe5+ 5.Kc8 Qh8+ 6.Kb7 (6.Kc7 Qe5+ Field 5 White no longer controls of None) 6…Qb2+ 7.Ka8 Qa1+=

3…Qh8+ 4.Kc7 Qe8
4…Qh7 5.Rd7 Qh2+ 6.Rd6 Kf4 7.Nc8 Qb2 8.Rd7+-
4…Qh2+ 5.Rd6 Qh3 (5…Qe5 6.Kd7 Qb5 7.Nd5 Ke5 8.Nc3 Qf1 9.Rd5+ Kf4 10.Rc5) 6.Nc8 Qg3 7.Kb7+-
4…Qh3 5.Rd6 Ke5 (5…Qb3 6.Kd7 Qa4 7.Nd5 (7.Rd5 Kf3 8.Nf5 Qe4 9.Rc5 Qd3+ 10.Kc7 Kg4 11.Nd6+-; 7.Re6+ Kf4 8.Rf6+ Kg5 9.Rg6+ Kh5 10.Re6 Qb5 11.Rf6 Qa4 12.Nf5 Kg5 13.Rf7 Kg4 14.Nd6 Kh3 15.Rf6 Qg4+ 16.Ke7 Qg7+ 17.Nf7 Qg4 18.c7 Qc4 19.Kd7 Qd4+ 20.Rd6 Qg4+ 21.Re6 Qd4+ 22.Nd6 Qg7+ 23.Re7 Qg4+ 24.Kc6+-) 7…Kf3 8.Rf6+ Kg3 9.Ke7 Qe4+ 10.Kd6 Qd3 11.c7 Qa6+ 12.Ke7 Qc4 13.Rd6 Qc5 14.Kd7 Qb5+ 15.Kd8 Qc5 16.Rg6+ Kf3 17.Ne7 Qd4+ 18.Ke8 Qh8+ 19.Kd7 Qd4+ 20.Rd6 Qa4+ 21.Rc6 Qd4+ 22.Ke8 Qh8+ 23.Kf7 Qh7+ 24.Kf8 Qh8+ 25.Ng8+-) 6.Ng6+ (6.Nc8 Qa3 7.Rh6 Qf8 8.Rd6 Qf1 9.Nb6 Qa6 10.Nd7+ Kf4 11.Rd5 Ke3 12.Kd6 Kf3 13.Nc5 Qb6 14.Ne6 Qa6 15.Ke5 Qa1+ 16.Kf5 Qb1+ 17.Kf6 Qb2+ 18.Ke7+-) 6…Kf5 7.Kd8 Qa3 8.Kd7 Qa4 9.Ne7+ Ke5 a) 9…Ke4 10.Rd5+-; b) 9…Kg5 10.Rg6+ Kh5 11.Re6 Qb5 12.Rf6 Kg4 (12…Qa4 13.Nd5) 13.Nf5 Kg5 14.Rf7 Qa4 15.Nd6 Kh4 16.Rf3 Kh5 17.Rf5+ Kg6 18.Re5 Qg4+ 19.Re6+ Kh7 20.c7 Qa4+ 21.Kd8+-; 10.Rd5+ Ke4 11.Nc8 Qb3 12.Ra5 Qh3+ 13.Kc7 Qc3 14.Nd6+ Kf3 15.Rg5 Ke2 16.Kd7 Qh3+ 17.Rf5 Qh7+ 18.Rf7 Qh3+ 19.Kd8 Qh8+ 20.Ne8 Qd4+ 21.Rd7 Qh4+ 22.Re7+ Kf3 23.c7 Qd4+ 24.Rd7 Qh4+ 25.Kc8 Qe4 26.Rf7+ Kg3 27.Kd7 Qg4+ 28.Ke7 Qe4+ 29.Kf8 Qc6 30.Rf6 Qc5+ 31.Kf7 Kg4 32.Ke6 Kh3 33.Kd7 Qd4+ 34.Rd6 Qg4+ 35.Kd8+-

5.Rd7+- Waste of time 5…Qa8 6.Rd5 (6.Rd6+-) 6…Qe8 7.Kd6 Qd8+ 8.Ke6 Qc7 9.Rd6 Kf3 (9…Qb8 10.Kd7 Qb5 11.Rd5 (11.Re6+; 11.Nd5 Ke5 12.Nc3 Qf1 13.Rd5+ Kf4 14.Rc5 Qh3+ 15.Kd6 Qh6+ 16.Kd5+-) 11…Qa4 12.Nc8+-) 10.Nd5 Qc8+ 11.Kf7 Qa6 12.Ke7 Qe2+ 13.Re6 Qc4 14.c7 Kf2 15.Rd6 Qg4 16.Kd8 Qg8+ 17.Kd7 Qg4+ 18.Kc6 Qc4+ 19.Kb7 Qb3+ 20.Nb6 Qf7 21.Rc6 Qg7 22.Nc4 Qd7 23.Kb6 Qc8 24.Nd6+-

5…Qd8+ 6.Ke6 Qc7 7.Rd6 Kf3
7…Qa7 8.Nd5 Qb8 9.c7 (9.Nf6+ Kf3 10.Kd7 Qb5 11.Nd5 Kg4 12.Ke6 Qe2+ 13.Kf7 Qh2 14.Nf6+ Kh4 15.Rd4+ Kh3 16.Rd7 Qa2+ 17.Nd5 Qf2+ 18.Ke8 Qe2+ 19.Kd8 Qf1 20.Rd6 Qf8+ 21.Kc7 Qa8 22.Kd7 Qa4 23.Kd8 Qa6 24.Ke7 Qe2+ 25.Re6 Qc4 26.Rh6+ Kg3 27.c7+-) 9…Qc8+ 10.Kf7 Ke5 11.Ke7+-
7…Qb8 8.Kd7 Qb5 9.Re6+ a) 9.Rd5 Waste of time 9…Qa4 10.Nc8 Qa1 11.Rd6 Qa4 12.Rg6 Kd3 13.Nd6 Qh4 (13…Qf4 14.c7+-) 14.Nf5 In the main variant …. «this move» white does «earlier» 14…Qf4 15.Rf6 Qg5 16.Rf8 Qf4 17.c7 Qa4+ 18.Kd8 Qa5 19.Nd6 Ke2 20.Rf7 Ke1 21.Ke8 Qa4+ 22.Rd7+-; b) 9.Nd5 Ke5 10.Nc3 Qf1 11.Rd5++-; 9…Kd4 (9…Kf4 10.Rf6+ Ke4 11.Nc8 Qg5 12.Nd6+ Kd4 13.Ne8 Ke5 14.Re6++-) 10.Nc8 Qa4 11.Rg6 Kd3 12.Nd6 Qh4 13.Nf5 Qe4 14.Rf6 Qe5 15.Rf7 Qb5 16.Nd6 Qa4 17.Rf5+-
7…Qb6 8.Nd5 Qb3 9.c7 Qh3+ 10.Ke7 Qh7+ 11.Kd8 Qg8+ 12.Kd7 Ke5 13.Ne3+-

8.Nd5 Qc8+ 9.Kf7
9.Ke5 Qe8+ 10.Re6 Qh5+ 11.Kd6 Qh2+ 12.Kd7 Qh7+ 13.Re7

9…Ke4 10.c7 Ke5 11.Ke7 Qb7 12.Rg6+-

10.Rf6+ Ke4 11.c7 Qa7 12.Ke6 Qc5 13.Rf4+ Kd3 14.Ke5+-

10…Qe2+ 11.Re6 Qc4 12.c7+-