Nº17 Jan Timman & Mario García


Section B.1.

Jan Timman & Mario García (Netherlands-Argentina)

Especial Honorable Mención 16th Torneo de la UAPA- 2021 JT80 José Copié


1.Qg6+ Kxg6 2.Bh7+ with the following lines :

A) 2…Kxh7 3.Nf8+ Kh8 4.Ng6+ Kh7 5.f8N+ Rxf8
5…Kg8 6.h7+ Kf7 7.h8N+ Kg8 (7…Ke8 8.f7# mate) 8.f7+ Kg7 9.e8N+ Rxe8 10.fxe8N+ Kg8 11.Nf6+ Kg7 12.Ne6# mate

6.exf8N+ Kg8 7.h7+ Kf7 8.h8N+ Kg8
8…Ke8 9.f7+ Kd8 10.Ne6+ Kc8 11.f8Q# mate

9.f7+ Kg7 10.Ne6+ Kh7 11.f8N+!
11.Ngf8+?? Kxh8 12.Ng6+ Kh7 13.f8N+ Kg8 14.Ne7+ Kf7–+

11…Kg8 12.Ne7+ Kxh8 13.Nfg6+ Kh7 14.Nef8+ Kg7 15.Nf5+!+- White controls the coronation. In this line there are 4 coronation of Knights

B) 2…Kh5 3.Bc2 Rxc6 4.e8Q bxc2+ 5.Ka2 … with

b.1.) 5..c1Q 6.Ng7+ Kh4
6…Kxg5 7.Qe3+ Kg4 8.Qe4+ Kh3 (8…Kg3 9.Nf5++-) 9.h7 Rc8 10.Ne8 Qa1+ 11.Kxa1 d1Q+ 12.Qb1 Rc1 13.h8Q+ Kg3 14.Qhh7+-

7.Qe4+ Ng4

7…Kh3 8.h7 Rc8 9.Ne8 Qa1+ 10.Kxa1 d1Q+ 11.Qb1 Rc1 12.h8Q+ Kg3 13.Qhh7+-

8.Nf5+ Kxg5 9.f8Q Qa1+ 10.Kxa1 d1Q+ 11.Qb1 Rc1 12.Qg7+ /g8 12…Kf4 13.Qxg4+! Kxg4 14.Ne3++- fork;

b.2.) 5…c1N+ 6.Ka3 d1Q 7.f8Q+ (ab) Kh4 8.Nd4 (ba) Nd3

8…Qd3+ 9.b3 Qxd4 10.Qxc6 Qa1+ 11.Kb4 Nd3+ 12.Kb5 Qe5+ 13.Ka6! Nb4+ 14.Kb7 Nxc6 15.h7 Nxa5+ 16.Ka6 Qe2+ 17.Kxa5 Qe5+ 18.Ka6 Qe2+ 19.Kxa7 Qe3+ 20.Kb7 Qe4+ 21.Kc7 Qxh7+ 22.f7 Qc2+ 23.Kd8!+-

9.Qe4+ Ng4 10.Qf7 /g8 10…Qa1+ 11.Qa2 Rc3+ 12.bxc3 Qc1+ 13.Kxa4 Nc5+ 14.Kb4 Nxe4 15.Qa3 Qxa3+ 16.Kxa3 Nxg5 17.Nf3+! Kh5 18.Nxg5+-

b.3) 5…d1Q 6.f8Q+ Kh4 7.Qxc6 Qb1+ 8.Ka3 Qa1+ 9.Kb4 Qxb2+ 10.Kxa4 Qa1+ 11.Kb5 Qf1+ 12.Qc4+ Qxc4+ 13.Kxc4 c1Q+ 14.Kd5 /b5 14…Qd1+ 15.Kc6+-;

C) 2…Kxf7 3.Nd8+ Rxd8 4.exd8N+-

Themes: Multiple coronations of Knights and culmination in mate

New Version and correction Study in 10th Ty of UAPA