Nº20 Jan Timman


Section B.2.

Jan Timman (Netherlands)


1.Nf4? Bd4 2.Bc6+ Kh2 3.Rf3 Kg1 4.Ke6 Rf2 5.Rg3+ Kh2 6.Rxa3 Rxf4–+

1…Re2+ 2.Kf8 Be5

2…Bb2 3.Rg5=
2…a2 3.Ra3=

3.Rxa3! Bd6+ 4.Kg8!
4.Kg7? Rg2+ 5.Ng3+ Kg1 6.Rb3 Bxg3 7.Bd5 Be5–+

4…Rg2+ 5.Ng3+! Bxg3
5…Kg1 6.Rb3 (or 6.Rc3 Kh2 7.Kh7 Bxg3 8.Bc4 Be5 9.Rh3+=) 6…Kh2 7.Bd5 Rg1 8.Kf7=

6.Ra2? Bf2+ 7.Kf8 Kg1–+

6…Bc4! 7.Bxc4 Bd6+ 8.Kf7 Rf2+
8…Bxa3 9.Bd5=

9.Rf3! Rxf3+ 10.Ke6 Rf4 11.Bd5+=

The final part is based on a study by Gurgenidze and Mitrofanov