Nº19 Sergey Osintsev


Section B.1.

Sergey Osintsev (Russia)


1.Ng4+? Ke2 2.Re3+ Kf1 3.Rf3+ Ke2 4.Re3+ Kf1=

1…Ke1 2.Re3+ Kf1 (2…Kd1 3.Nf2+ Kc2 4.Rc3+ Kb1 5.Rg3+-) 3.Nxd2+ Kf2 4.Ne4+ Kf1 5.Rf3+ Ke1 6.Rg3 Kf1 7.Bh6 g1Q+ 8.Rxg1+ Kxg1 9.Kc5!+-

2.Nxd2 Nb3+! 3.Ke3!
3.Nxb3? Kh2 4.Ra1 cxb3 5.Nxg6 g1Q+ 6.Rxg1 Kxg1=

3…Nxd2 4.Kxd2 Kh2! 5.Nd5!!
Leaves a black pawn on the board!
Thematic try 5.Nxg6? c3+! 6.Rxc3 Nc4+! 7.Rxc4 g1Q 8.Bd6+ Kg2! 9.Rg4+ (9.Nf4+ Kf3=) 9…Kh3! 10.Rh4+ Kg2 11.Rg4+ Kh3 12.Rxg1= stalemate.
Thematic try 5.Bg7? c3+! 6.Rxc3 Nc4+! 7.Rxc4 g1Q 8.Be5+ Kh3!= There is no winning Knight check on f4!
Thematic try 5.Bh6? c3+! 6.Rxc3 Nc4+! 7.Rxc4 g1Q 8.Bf4+= The Bishop has blocked the line and interferes with the Rook check. 8.Rh4+ Kg3 9.Nxg6=

5…g1Q 6.Bd6+ Kh1 7.Rh3+ Kg2 8.Rg3+ Kf2 9.Rxg1 Kxg1 10.Nxb6+-

6.Rxc3 Nc4+! 7.Rxc4 g1Q 8.Bd6+ Kh3 There is no stalemate because of the black pawn! 9.Nf4+! K~ The black King is hit by two batteries 10.Ne2++