Nº18 Marcel Dore


Section B.1.

Marcel Dore (France)


Thematic try : 1.Kf4? Nd2! 2.b5 Nb1! (2…Nb3!? 3.Ke5! Nc1 4.d4 Ke7 5.g4 Nd3+ 6.Ke4 Nf2+ 7.Kf5!+-) 3.b6 Nc3 4.Ke5 Na4 5.b7 Kc7 6.g4 Nc5!= (6…Nb2? 7.Kd4! Na4 8.g5 Nb6 9.Ke5 Nd7+ 10.Kf5 Nf8 11.g6 Nxg6 12.Kxg6+-)

1…Nd2+ 2.Ke3!
2.Kd5? Nf3! 3.Ke4 Ng5+! (3…Nh4? 4.g5 Ke7 5.Kd5 Ng6 6.d4 Nf4+ 7.Ke4 Ne6 8.g6+- see man line after 8. g6.) ) 4.Kf5 Nf3 5.g5 Ke7 6.Kf4 Nd4!= e.g. 7.Ke4 Nc6 8.b5 Na7 9.b6 Nc8= and the capture of the b-pawn is inevitable.

2…Nb3!? 3.g5 Ke7 4.d4 Nc1 5.b5+-

3.g5 Nc3 4.Kd4!
4.g6? Ke7! 5.Kd4 Ne2+ 6.Ke5 Nc1 7.d4 Nd3+!=

4…Ne2+ 5.Kd5 Ke7 6.d4!
6.b5? Nf4+ 7.Ke4 Ne6 8.Kf5 Nd4+!=

6…Nf4+ 7.Ke4 Ne6 8.g6 Kf6 9.Kd5 switchback 9…Nd8 10.Kd6!
10.b5? Kxg6 11.b6 Kf7 12.Kd6 Ke8!=

10…Kxg6 11.Kd7! Nf7 12.b5!+-

[12.Ke7? Nh6 13.b5 Nf5+=]