Nº 19 Jorge Lois & Jorge Kapros

h#3 (4+12) C+
a) Diagram
b) Rg1–>h1
Jorge Lois & Jorge Kapros
3rd Israel Open Chess Problems Composing Tourney
«Uri Avner Memorial Tourney» 2015
!st Prize

a) Diagram
1.Bf4 Bxg6 2.Sc7 Bf5+ 3.Sd7 Rg8#
b) Rg1–>h1
1.Rd3 Rcxh4 2.Sd7 Rc4+ 3.Sc7 Rh8#
Theme and comment:
Theme required : “Pin-correction” – a black piece is unpinned by white. Later in the solution the same piece becomes pinned on a different square.
Direct unpin of black unit. Exchange of pinning.
Indirect unpin of white unit.
Bivalves B1. Switchback W1/W2.
Model pin mates.