Nº24 Jorge Lois

h#7.5 (2+12) C+

Jorge Lois
StrateGems 2015

1. .. Sg2-h4! (Sg2xe1?) 2.Kf7 Sxf3 3.Kg6 Sxh2 4.Kh5 Sg4
5.Kh4 Sf2 6.Qh5 Sxh3 7.Bg4 Sf4 8.Rh3 Sg2 #
Theme and comment:
Round-trip of wS on a grid of 3×3.
Annihilation of black Pawns (f3/h2) for gate-opening.
Capturing the black Pawn (h3) that guards the mating square, then self-block on same square.
Model mate.