Nº17 Jorge Lois & Jorge Kapros

h=4 CIRCE (5+8)C+

Jorge Lois & Jorge Kapros
Springaren Vinterturnering 2012-2013
4th Premio

The statement implies that Black moves so Black has at least one possible move.
The only possible black move is b4xc3 (with last white move c2-c4).

1.b4xc3 [+wBc2] Lc1-b2
2.c3xb2 [+wLc1] Lc1xb2 [+bBb7]
3.b7-b5 c2-c4 A! (Lb2-c1 B?)
4.b5-b4 Lb2-c1 B! (c2-c4 A?) =

If 3…. Lb2-c1 B ? 4.b5-b4 c2-c4 A ? 5. b4xc3 [+wBc2] ! again

Photo final position = Photo initial position

Theme and comment :

C+ by POPEYE with white pawn c4 in c3 for making possible b4xc3
White Ke6 Rh3 Bc1 Pb3 Pc3
Black Kg4 Sa6 Bb8 Pb4 Pc5 Pc6 Pc7 Pa7
Stipulation h=4
Condition Circe