Soluciones SLOVAQUIA ( finales)

Diag.1 Michal Hlinka

1.p Olimp. Dunyasi- 2008- Tablas



1.Cb2! [1.Axe5+? Dxe5 2.e8D Dc5+; 1.b8D? Ta2+ 2.Rb4 Dg4+] 1…Cc4+! [1…Txb2? 2.Tf1+ Tb1 3.Txb1+ Rxb1 4.b8D b2+ 5.Ab3 Dc3 6.a8D Dc5+ 7.Db4 Ta7+ 8.Dxa7 Dxa7+ 9.Aa4 De3+] 2.Cxc4+ b2+ 3.Ab3 [3.Rb4? De1+ 4.Ac3 Dxe7+] 3…Dxg7 4.Tf1+! [4.e8D? b1D; 4.a8D? Dxe7+ 5.Ra4 Txb7] 4…b1D 5.Txb1+ Rxb1 6.b8D Dxe7+ [6…Txa7+ 7.Dxa7 Da1+ 8.Rb4 Dxa7 9.e8D] 7.Cd6! Txa7+ [7…Txd6 8.Aa2+! Rc1 9.Db1+ Rd2 10.Db4+ Re3 11.a8D Td3+ 12.Ab3 Ta2+! 13.Rxa2 Dxb4 14.De8+ Rf2 15.Df7+ Tf3 16.Da7+ Te3 17.Df7+ Rg3 18.Dg6+ Rh2 19.Dh5+ Th3 20.De5+] 8.Aa4+ Rc1 9.Db2+! Txb2=

«Stalemate with two pins.Just to set the final position on board is easy, to reach it through balanced play is a challenge. The author well managed it.» -judge David Gurgenidze (Georgia).


Diag.2 L’ubos Kekely

2.sp.c Polasek-50 JT Vlasak-50 JT, 2007-Ganan



Ceskoslovensky Sach/6 1.Dg3+! [1.Tg3+? Rh1! 2.Txg5 (2.Db1+ Dxb1 3.Txg5 Dxa2) 2…Dxg7+ 3.Rxg7; 1.Df8? Th5+ 2.Rg8 De6+ 3.Df7 Dc8+ 4.Df8 De6+] 1…Txg3 2.Txg3+ Dxg3 3.g8T! [3.g8D? Rh1! 4.Dxg3] 3…Rxh3 4.Txg3+ Rxg3 5.Rg7 Rf4 6.Rf6 Re4 7.Re6 Rd4 8.Rd6 Rc3 9.Rxc6 Rb2 10.Rb5! [10.Rb7? Rxa2 11.c6 Rb3 12.c7 a2 13.c8D a1D] 10…Rxa2 11.c6 Rb1 12.c7 a2 13.c8D a1D 14.Df5+ Ra2 <eg> 15.Dc2+ Ra3 16.Da4+ +-

A nice key – sacrifice of white queen. Minor promotion – antistalemate motivation. Next pawn study with precise long solution.


Diag.3 Ladislav Salai

1.p Slovensko – Ukraina Pat a Mat, 2001-Ganan



1.Af6 c1D+ 2.Rh2 Da3! [2…Dc6 3.Aa1 Da8 (3…Ad4 4.Axd4 De4 5.Aa1) 4.h5! Axf2! (4…Df8 5.h6) 5.Txc7+! (5.h6? Ae1!) 5…Rg8 6.h6 De4 7.h7+] 3.Txc7+ [3.h5? Dxa2 4.h6 Dxf2+ 5.Tg2+ Rh7 6.Txf2 Axf2 7.Rg2 Ae3 8.Ag7 c5; 3.f3? Af2! 4.Txc7+ (4.h5? Ag3+) 4…Rg8 5.Tc2 Rf7] 3…Rg8 4.Tc2 Axf2 5.Ae5! [5.Rg2? Ae1! 6.Ae5 Ac3 7.Axf4 Ab2] 5…Ae3 6.Rg2 Ad2! [6…Rf7 7.Rf3 Rg6 8.Axf4] 7.Rf3 Ac3 8.Rxf4 Rh7 [8…Rf7 9.Rf5!] 9.Rf5! [9.h5? Rh6! 10.Rf5 Axe5 11.Rxe5 Rxh5] 9…Axe5! [9…a6 10.h5 Axe5 11.Rxe5 Rh6 12.Rf4 Rxh5 13.h4!] 10.Rxe5 Rg6 11.Rf4 [11.Rd6? Rh5 12.Rc6 Rxh4 13.Rb7 a5! 14.Rb6 Rxh3 15.Rxa5 Rg3] 11…Rh5 12.Rg3 a6! 13.Tc5+! Rg6! [13…Rh6 14.Tc6+! Rh5 15.Tc2] 14.h5+! [14.Tc6+? Rf5! 15.Tc2 Re4] 14…Rh6 [14…Rf6 15.Tc2 Re5 16.h6] 15.Tc2 Rxh5 16.h4 Rg6 17.Rg4 Rf6 [17…a5 18.h5+ Rf6 19.Rf4 Re6 20.Rg5! Re5 21.h6 Re4 22.h7 Rd3 23.Tc8! Db2 24.h8D] 18.h5! Re5 19.h6! Rf6 20.Rh5 a5! 21.h7! Rg7 22.h8D+! [22.Tc7+? Rh8 23.Rg6 Dc1! 24.Txc1] 22…Rxh8 23.Rg6 Rg8 24.Tc8#

Thematic imprisonment of black promoted queen. Following original pushing of black king down to mate by zugzwangs.


Diag.4 E. Klemanič
3rd hon. men., Československý Šach 1989Draw

4 wKa2,Qh6,Bc3,Pa3,b3,c6,d4/bKc8,Qf1,Be7,Pa6,b7,c7,f2

1.Qe6+ Kb8 2.Qg8+ Ka7 3.Qc8 Qe2+ 4.Bb2 Qb5 5.d5 Bc5 6.a4 (6.d6? Qxc6 7.dxc7 Kb6 -+) 6…Qb6 7.d6 Qxc6 8.dxc7 Kb6 9.a5+ Kxa5 10.Qd8 =

Interesting fight against threat of black promotion.


Diag.5 O. Mihalčo
Schach 1981 – Win



1.c8R! (1.c8Q? e1Q 2.Qe8+ (2.Qxc5 Qc3+ =)2…Kf3 3.Qxe1 stalemate) 1…Kf3 2.Re8 Kxf2 3.Kg4 f3 4.Kf4 e1Q (4…Kg2 5.Re3 Kf2 (5…f2 6.Rxe2 +-) 6.Rxf3+ +-) 5.Rxe1 Kxe1 6.Kxf3 Kd2 7.Ke4 Kc3 8.Kd5 Kb2 9.Kxc5 Kxa2 (9…Kxa3 10.Kb5 Kxa2 11.Kxa4 +-) 10.Kd4! Kxa3 11.Kc3 Ka2 12.Kc2 +-

White minor promotion and next precise play.


Diag.6 M. Sečkár
4th prize Pravda 1974 – Draw


1.Nd8 Rd6 2.Nb7 Rxd4 3.Rc7 Kb8 4.Re7 Bc3+! 5.Kxc3 d2 6.Na5 Rd3+ 7.Kxd3 d1Q+ 8.Kc4 Kc8
9.Nc6 =

By sacifice of bishop black promotes queen but cooperation of white rook and knight holds position draw. Study without any side lines!


Diag.7 B. Sivák
comm. Rishon-le-Zion Chess Club-60 JT 1998 – Draw


1.g6 Nfg3 2.g7 Nh5 [2…Nf6+ 3.Kf7 Nge4 4.Nf2+ =] 3.g8N [3.g8Q? Nhf6+ 4.Kf7 Nxg8 5.Kxg8 Ke2 6.Kg7 Kf3 -+, 3.Kf7? Nxg7 4.Kxg7 Ke2 5.Kg6 Kf3 6.Kh5 Ng3+ -+] 3…Nhf6+ 4.Nxf6 Nxf6+ 5.Kf7 Ne4 6.Kg6 Ke2 7.Kh5 Kf3 8.Kh4 Kf4 9.Ng3 Nxg3 stalemate

Minor promotion and sacrifice of last white knight leads to unexpected stalemate on edge of the board in this miniature.


Diag.8 Ľ. Širáň
Šachové Umenie 1975 – Draw


1.Re8 Kd2 2.Kb2! h5 3.a4 h4 4.a5 h3 5.a6 h2 6.a7 h1Q 7.a8Q Qxa8 8.Rxa8 e1Q 9.Rd8+ Ke2 10.Re8+ Kf2 11.Rxe1 Kxe1 12.Kc2! Ke2 13.f5 Ke3 14.Kd1 Ke4 15.Ke2 Kf4 16.Kf2 Kxf5 17.Kf3 =

Fight to last pawn – long solution without any side lines!


Diag.9 J. Tazberík
Tidskrift för Schack 1964 – Win



1.Bb2 Rd5 2.Rd6! Rxc5 3.Rd7+ Kh8! [3…Kg8 4.Be6+ Kh8 5.Kg6! +-] 4.Rc7! Rb5 5.Rc8+ Kg7 6.Rb8! Rc5 7.b4 Rd5 8.Be4 Nh3+ 9.Kf5! +-

Systematic moves of white and black rook for restriction space of black one.


Diag.10 Richard Réti
28 Rijen,1925 – Draw


1.Kb7 Ne3 [1…Bd5+? 2.Ka7! -+, 1…Bxb5? 2.a6! -+] 2.a6 [2.b6? Nd5 3.Ka7 Nb4! -+] 2…Nd5 3.a7 Nc7 4.a8Q Bd5+ 5.Ka7 Nxa8 6.b6 Kc8 7.b7+ Bxb7 stalemate.


Diag.11 Richard Réti
Národní Listy, 1928 – Draw


1.Kc6 [1.d7? Kg6 -+] 1…Ba5 [1…Kg6 2.Kd7 Ba5 3.Ke6 =, 1…f5 2.Kd5 Kg6 (2…Bf6 3.d7 Ke7 (3…Kg6 4.Ke6 =) 4.d8Q+ Kxd8 5.Ke6 =) 3.Ke5 Bf6+ 4.Ke6 f4 5.h7 f3 6.d7 =] 2.Kd5! [2.Kb5? Bc3 3.Kc4 Ba1! 4.Kd5 f5! -+] 2…Bc3 [2…Bb4 3.h7 Kg7 4.Ke6 Bxd6 5.h8Q+ Kxh8 6.Kxf6 =, 2…f5 3.Ke5! =] 3.h7! [3.d7? Ba5! 4.h7 Kg7 5.Ke6 Bd8! -+] 3…f5 [3…Kg7 4.Ke6 =] 4.d7 Ke7 5.d8Q+! Kxd8 6.Ke6! f4 7.Kd5! f3 8.Kc4! Bf6 9.Kd3 =


Diag.12 Richard Réti
Shakhmatny Listok, 1928 – Draw


1.Ng3! [1.Bb5? e4+ 2.Ke2 f3+ 3.gxf3 c2 4.Ba4+ Kxa4 5.Kd2 Kb3 6.Kc1 exf3 7.Ng3 f2 8.Nf1 Kc3 -+] 1…fxg3 2.Bb5 e4+ [2…c2 3.Ba4+ Kxa4 4.Kxc2 =] 3.Ke2 [3.Ke3? Ka3! -+] 3…c2 4.Ba4+ Kxa4 5.Kd2 Kb3 6.Kc1 Kc4 [6…Kc3 or e3 stalemate] 7.Kxc2 e3 8.Kd1 (also 8.Kc1 = EGTB) 8…Kd3 9.Ke1 e2 stalemate.