Mario Guido García

BTM Ganan

Mario Guido García (Argentina)

Ty Moscú

Especial Honorable Mención

Theme: End-game of rooks and pawns. Elimination of the threat of stalemate with the pawns in the «column bishop» on the black counterplay

A) 1…c4 2.Rh1!
2.Rd7+? Ke6 3.Rd4 Kf5 4.Rxc4 Rb3+=

2…c3 3.Rc1!
3.Kg4? Rb2 4.Rc1 (4.Kf5 Kd4 5.g6 Rg2 6.Kf6 c2 7.f5 c5 8.Kf7 Kd3 9.g7 Kd2 10.f6 c1Q 11.Rxc1 Kxc1 12.g8Q Rxg8 13.Kxg8 c4 14.f7 c3 15.f8Q c2!=) 4…Kd4 5.f5 Rf2 6.f6 Kd3=; 3.Rd1+? Ke6 4.Re1+ Kd5 5.Kg4 Rb2 6.g6 Rg2+ 7.Kf5 Kd4 8.Kf6 Kd3=

main 3…Kd4 4.g6 (4.Rd1+ Kc4 5.g6 c5 6.f5 similar by transposition) 4…c5 5.Rd1+ Kc4 6.f5 Rg8 (6…c2 7.Rc1 Kd3 8.g7+-) 7.Kf4/g4 c2 8.Rc1 Kc3 9.Kg5 Kd2 10.Rxc2+ Kxc2 11.f6 c4 12.f7 Rf8 13.g7! Rxf7 14.g8Q Rc7 15.Kf4! (15.Qg6+? Kc1 16.Qd6 c3 17.Qxc7 c2!=) 15…c3 16.Qa2+ Kc1 17.Ke3 Rh7 18.Qa3/a1 Kc2 19.Qa4+ Kc1 20.Qf4 Rh3+ 21.Ke2+ Kb2 22.Qb4+ Kc2 23.Qe4+ Kb2 24.Kd1!+-

4.f5? Ke5 5.Kg4 Rb4+ 6.Kh5 Kxf5=

4…Kd4 5.g6 Rb2 6.Rg1 c2 7.Rc1 Kd3 8.f5 Rb1 9.Rxc2 Rg1+ (9…Kxc2 10.f6 Rg1+ 11.Kh5 Rh1 12.Kg5 Rg1 13.Kh6+-) 10.Kh5 Kxc2 11.f6 Rh1+ 12.Kg5 Rg1 13.Kh6 Rf1 14.f7+-

5.f5+? Kf7! 6.Kh5 Rb5 7.g6+ Kf6 8.Rxc3 Rxf5+ 9.Kh6 c5!=

5…Kd5 6.g6+-

6.Re4 Rb1 7.Rc4!+-

B) 1…Rb1 2.Rh2! c4
2…Rf1+ 3.Rf2+-

3.Rd2+ Ke6 4.Re2+ Kd5
4…Kf7 5.Re4 c3 ( 5…Rc1 6.Kg4 Rg1 7.Kf5+-) 6.Rc4+-

5.g6? c3 6.Kg4 (6.g7? Rb8 7.f5 c2 8.Rxc2 Ke5 9.Kg4 Kf6 10.Rxc6+ Kxg7=) 6…Rg1+ 7.Kh5 Rh1+ 8.Kg5 Rg1+ 9.Kf6 Kd4 10.f5 Kd3 11.Rh2 c2 12.Rxc2 Kxc2=)

main 5…c3 6.f6 Kd4 7.f7 (or 7.Rf2 Rb2 8.f7! Rxf2+ similar) 7…Rf1+ 8.Rf2 Rxf2+ 9.Kxf2 c2 10.f8Q c1Q 11.Qf6+! Kd5 12.g6!+-

6.Kf4 c3
6…Kf1+ 7.Kg4 Rg1+ 8.Kh5 Rf1 9.f6 Kd4 10.Rg2 c3 11.Kg6 Kd3 12.Kf7+-

7.f6 Rf1+
7…c5 8.Rf2! ( 8.Kf5?Rf1=)Ke6 9.Rc2! Rf1+ 10.Kg4 Rg1+ 11.Kh5 Kf7 12.Rxc3+-

8.Ke3 Ke6
8…Kc4 9.Ke4 c5 10.Ke5 Kd3 11.Rg2 c2 12.Rxc2 Kxc2 13.g6+-

9.Kd4+ Kf5 10.Re5+ Kg6 11.Kxc3 Rf4 12.Kd3+-