Nº 29 Peter Krug & Mario García


Peter Krug & Mario García ( Austria- Argentina)

1st/2nd Premio – ChessStar – 2015


Themes: Domination Rook and bishop against Queen- Elimination of the threat of stalemate in the counterplay of black – Positions of «mutual Zugzwang»

Thematic try : 1.Rxh4+? Kg8 2.Rg4+ Kh7 3.Rg7+ Kxh8 4.Ba1 Qa8! 5.Kg4 (5.f4 e3 (ab) 6.f5 (ba) Qa3!=) 5…e3! 6.fxe3 Qa3 7.Kh5 Qxb3 8.Kh6 Qb1 9.Rg1+ Qxa1 10.Rxa1 b3 11.Rc1 Kg8 12.Kg6 Kf8!=
or 1.Bxd8? a1Q 2.Rxh4+ Kg8 3.Ng6 Qf1+ 4.Kg3 Qxe2 5.Ne5 e3! 6.fxe3 Qxe3+ 7.Nf3 Qxb3=

1…Kxh8 2.Ba1 Qa8
2…Qd2 3.f4 /Rd7+- or 2…Qf8 3.Rf7+ Kg8 4.Rxf8+-

Try I : 3.Kxh4? e3! 4.f4 Qa3 5.Kh5 Qxb3 6.Kh6 Qb1 (1) 7.Rg1+ Qxa1 8.Rxa1 b3 9.f5 Kg8 10.Kg6 Kf8 11.Kf6 Ke8 12.Ke6 Kd8 13.Kd6 Ke8!=
or 3.f3? e3 4.Kxh4 Qa3=

With two lines :

A) 3…exf3 4.exf3 Qc8+
4…Qa3 5.f4 Qxb3+ (5…Qa6 6.Rg6+-) 6.Rg3+-

5.Kxh4 Qd8+ 6.Kh5 Qe8+ (6…Qd1 7.Rg1+)

7.Kh6 Qf8 (7…Qc6+ 8.Rg6+- or 7…Qe3+ 8.Rg5+-)

8.Bb2? a1Q 9.Bxa1 b5 10.f4 Qf6+ 11.Bxf6= stalemate

8…b6 (8…b5 9.f5!+-)

9.Be5? Qd6+! 10.Bxd6 a1Q 11.Be5 Qh1+!=

9…a1Q 10.Bxa1 b5 11.Be5!
11.f5? Qf6+!=

11…Qf6+ 12.Rg6! Qxe5 13.Rg8+
13.fxe5? stalemate

13…Kxg8 14.fxe5 Kf7 15.Kg5 Ke6 16.Kf4 Kd5 (16…Ke7 17.Ke4+-) 17.Kf5!+-

B) 3…e3 4.f5!
4.Kxh4? Qa3 5.Kh5 Qxb3 6.Kh6 Qb1= (1) similar a Try I

4…Qa5 (4…Qa3 5.f6 Qa6 6.f7+- no check on h6)

Try II : 5.Kxh4? Qd8+ 6.Kh5 (6.Kh3 Qd2=) 6…Qe8+ 7.Kh6 Qf8 8.Bb2 b6!! Zugzwang 9.Ba1 b5 10.Bb2 a1Q 11.Bxa1 Qf6+ 12.Bxf6 stalemate

5…h3 6.f6 h2
6…Qh5+ 7.Kxh5 h2 8.Kg6 h1Q 9.Rg8+ Kxg8 10.f7+ Kf8 11.Bg7+ Ke7 12.f8Q+-

7.f7 Qh5+ 8.Kf4 Qh6+ 9.Kf5 Qh3+ 10.Rg4+ Kh7 11.f8Q Qf1+ 12.Rf4!+-