Nº 63 Jorge M. Kapros

H#2 (6+4) C+

Jorge M. Kapros

Sp. HM «Ural problemist-25» 2018

1. La7 Tbxe5 2. Tb6 Tb5#
1. Tg2 Texe5 2. Lf2 Te3#

Theme and comment:

The judge compared with
Смотри: Т.Гараи Shahmat 1979 q7/8/5k1n/4R2B/3b4/R4r2/1r6/B6K,
Д.Карф Козатска Шахивница 2008 6B1/5r2/4R3/3bP2K/2R5/pk6/1p6/6r1,
Д.Капрос ЮК А.Ивунин-70 2017 5B2/8/6k1/5R2/4b3/6K1/2r5/1B6
and the judge considered the problem enough for a Special Honorable Mention.