Nº 1 Michal Hlinka & Luboš Kekely


Section B.2.

Michal Hlinka & Luboš Kekely (Slovakia)


1.Rb3 Ra8 to battery
1…Bd6+ 2.Ke8 Ra8+ 3.Kd7 Be5 4.Bf4! Bc3 5.Bd2! Be5 6.Bf4 Rb8 7.Rxb2=

2.Ke7! forecasting – see after 14…Rb7
them. try 2.Kf7? Be5 3.Bf4 Bd4! 4.Be3 Bh8! 5.c4 Ra3 6.Rb5+ Kg4 7.Bb6 Ra1 8.c5 b1Q 9.Rxb1 Rxb1 10.c6 Rxb6 11.c7 Rb7–+ compare with main after 14. ..Rb7; 2.Rxb2? Be5–+

2…Be5 3.Bf4!
3.Ke6? Rb8 4.Bb6 Bd4–+

3…Rb8 4.Rxb2=
3…Bc3 4.Bd2! as main;
3…Bg7 4.c4 Kg4 5.Bd6! Kf5 6.Rb5+! Ke4 7.Kd7! Ra5 8.Rb3 Kf5 9.Rf3+ Kg6 10.Rb3 Kf7 11.c5 Ra7+ 12.Kc6 Ra3 13.Rb8! Bf6 14.Kd5 Rd3+ 15.Kc6 Ke6 16.Re8+ Kf5 17.Rb8 Rd1 18.Kd7 Rh1 19.Rb4 Rh4 20.Rb8 positional draw

4.Be3! Bc3
4…Bg7 5.c4 as main

5.Bd2! Be5
5…Bd4 6.c3=

6.Bf4! switchback
6.Ke6? Rb8 7.Bb4 Bc3–+

6…Bd4 7.Be3! switchback 7…Bg7
7…Bh8 8.c4 as main

8.Rb5+? Kg4 9.c4 Ra5–+

8…Ra3 9.Rb5+ Kg4 10.Bb6! Ra1 11.c5 b1Q 12.Rxb1 Rxb1 13.c6! Rxb6 14.c7 Rb7 15.Kd8 Bf6+ 16.Kc8 Rb1 17.Kd7=;
8…Ra1 9.c5 Ra3 10.Rb5! Rxe3+ 11.Kd7 Be5 12.c6 Re2 13.c7=

9.Bb6! Ra3 10.Rb5!
10.Rb4? Bc3 11.Rb5 Ra4–+

10…Ra1 11.c5 b1Q 12.Rxb1 first capture! 12…Rxb1 13.c6! Rxb6 14.c7 Rb7 15.Kd8 Bf6+ first and only one check! 16.Kc8 Rb1
16…Ra7 17.Kb8=

17.Kd7 draw by last pawn.

Meredith. Battery. Long forecasting. Thematic try.Sacrifices . Switchbacks. Positional draw.