Nº 28 Arpad Rusz & Pavel Arestov


Section B.1.

Arpad Rusz & Pavel Arestov (Romania- Russia)


1.d4! The start of the first systematic movement. (The «elevator» goes up.)
1.Kxa5? Kxd3= The black rook will get behind the white pawn on the g-file because the white king cannot find shelter from horizontal checks.

1…Kd3 2.d5
2.Kxa5? Kxd4 3.Kb6 Rh6+=

2…Rh4+ 3.Kxa5 Rg4 4.Kb6 (4.d6? Rg6 5.Kb5 Kd4=) 4…Kd4 5.d6 Kd5 6.Kc7 Ke6 7.Re8+-

3.Kxa5? Kxd5 4.Kb5 Kd4! 5.Kb4 Kd5 6.Kb5 Kd4=

3…Kd5 4.Kxa5 Kxd6 5.Kb6! Now the white king can hide from horizontal checks. 5…Kd5 6.Kc7 d6 The start of the second systematic movement. (The «elevator» goes down.)
6…Ke6 7.Re8+-

7.Kd7? Ke5 8.Re8+ Kf6= The white pawn is pinned.

7…Kd4 The black king should always stay in the shadow of the d-pawn avoiding vertical checks. 8.Kc6
8.Kb5? Rh5+ 9.Kc6 Rg5 10.Kxd6 Rg6+ 11.Ke7 Ke5 12.Kf7 Rf6+=

8…d5 9.Kb5! Kd3 10.Kc5 d4 11.Kb4! Kd2 12.Kc4 d3 13.Kb3! Kd1 14.Kc3
14.Kb2? d2!= mutual zugzwang (14…Rh2+? 15.Kc3 d2 16.Rd8 Rg2 17.Rxd2+!+-)

14…d2 15.Kb2! mutual zugzwang 15…Rh5
15…Ke2 16.Re8+-

[16.Rd8? Rb5+=]