Nº 10 Martin Minski & Amatzia Avni


Section B.1.

Martin Minski & Amatzia Avni (Germany –Israel)


White will soon win black’s bishop in return for his advanced a-pawn. But will the resulting position be enough to ensure victory?

1.Rb2! A preparatory move.
Not immediately 1.f6+? Kd7 2.Rb2 Kc8! 3.Rh2 Nb5 4.Rh8+ Kd7 5.a8Q Bxa8 6.Rxa8 Nd6=

Best. 1…f6+ ? 2.Kd4 Winning a piece by a double attack.

2.f6+ Kd7 3.Rd2+! Another preparator y move, pushing the BK to the 8th rank. Direct attempts to win material will fail to bring the desired result:
3.Rc2? Nb5 4.Rxc6 Nxa7=
3.Rb8? Ne4 4.a8Q Bxa8 5.Rxa8 Nd6=

3…Ke8 ? 4.Rc2 Nb5 5.Rxc6 Nxa7 6.Rxc7+-

4.Rc2 Nb5 5.Rxc6 Nxa7 6.Ra6! For the third time, white makes a preparatory move before executing his main idea:
6.Re6?! Kd8!= 7.Re7?? Nc6+!–+

6…Kb7 7.Re6!! Nc8 8.Re7 Nd6 9.Kd5+- The same blow comes after the text-move.

7.Re6!! Nd6
7…Kd8 8.Re7+-
7…fxe6 8.f7+-

8.Re7 Finally the infiltration to the seventh rank is decisive.
8.Rxd6 ? 8…cxd6+ 9.Kxd6 Kd8=

8…Kd8 9.Kd5+-

9.Kd5+- Now if 9…Kb6 then 10.Rd7 is the simplest.