Nº 21 Steffen Nielsen


Section B.2.

Steffen Nielsen (Denmark)


Material is even, but Black threatens to promote with check.

1.Rd5+? f5! and the pawn on c7 is pinned.
1.c8Q? b1Q+

1…Kxg4 Black enters the dangerous diagonal.
1…Kh4 is insufficient to win: 2.Be7+ Bg5 3.Bxg5+ Kxg5 4.c8Q b1Q+ 5.Kg7 Qb2+ 6.Kh7 Rxd7 7.f4+ Kxg4 8.Qxd7+=

2.c8Q Something is about to happen 2…b1Q+ 3.Rd3+!
3.Kg7? Bh6+! 4.Kxh6 (4.Kh8 Rb8) 4…Qg6#

3…f5+ Unpin of rook d3. 4.Rd7 Unpin of pawn f5.
4.Kg6? Qxd3 5.Qxb7 f4+ and Bc5 drops

4…f4+ 5.Kh6 White enters the dangerous diagonal
5.Kg7? Rb8 6.Qc6 (6.Rb7+ Rxc8) 6…Bb2+ 7.Bd4 Bxd4+ 8.Rxd4 Qb7+ (or 8…Rb7+ ) 9.Qxb7 Rxb7–+ The f2-pawn is lost

5…f3+ 6.Rd2+!
6.Kg7? Rxd7+ (6…Bb2+) 7.Qxd7+ Qf5–+

6…Kh4 7.Be7+ Rxe7 8.Qg4+ Kxg4 Pin stalemate