Nº4 Michal Hlinka & Lubos Kekely


Section B.1.

Michal Hlinka & Lubos Kekely (Slovakia)

Sachová skladba 1985, corr.


1.Bg2+ Kd4
1…Kf4 2.Bxb7 Re3 3.Bc8 Rd3+ 4.Kc7 Rb3 (4…Rd4 5.b5! Rxc4+ 6.Kd8 axb5 7.b7+-) 5.b5! axb5 6.c5!+-
1…Kf5 2.Bxb7 Re1 3.Bc8 Rd1+ 4.Kc6 Ng6 5.b7 Ne5+ 6.Kc7 Rd4 7.b5! Rxc4+ 8.Kb6 axb5 9.b8Q b4 10.Kb7+-
1…Kd3 2.Bxb7 Re2 3.Bc6 Rd2 4.b7 Kxc4+ 5.Kc7+-

2.c5? Re2 3.c6 Rxg2 4.cxb7 Nd7! 5.Kxd7 Rg8 6.Kc7 f5 7.b8Q Rxb8 8.Kxb8 f4 9.b7 f3 10.Kc7 f2 11.b8Q f1Q=

2…Kxc4 to mine square
2…Rg5 3.c5! a5 4.Bc6+-
2…Ng6 3.c5! Kc3 4.Bc8+-

3.Bc6 Nd7
3…Re2 4.b7 Rd2+ 5.Kc7+-

4.Kxd7? Rh5 5.Kc7 e5 6.b7 Rh8 7.Bd7 e4 8.Bc8 Rh7+ 9.Bd7 Rh8 positional draw

4…Rd5+ 5.Kxe6! clearing of line
5.Kc6? Rb5=
5.Kc7? Rh5=
5.Ke7? Rh5 6.b7 Rh8 7.Be8 Rh7+ 8.Bf7 without check ! 8…Rh8=

5…Re5+ 6.Kd6!
6.Kxf6? Rh5 7.Kg7 Rg5+ 8.Kf7 Rh5 9.b7 (9.Kg7 Rg5+ positional draw) 9…Rh8 10.Bc8 Rh7+=
6.Kf7? Rh5 7.Kg7 Rg5+ 8.Kh7 Rh5+ 9.Kg7 Rg5+ positional draw

6…Rd5+ 7.Ke7 Rh5
7…Re5+ 8.Kd8 Rh5 9.b7 Rh8+ 10.Be8+-

8.b7 Rh8 9.Be8 Rh7+ 10.Bf7+ with check and wins.

Meredith. Positional draws. Bishop makes way for pawn b6 which is stronger than black rook ahead.