Nº 5 Daniele Gatti


Section B.1.

Daniele Gatti (Italy)


1…h2+ 2.Kf1 g2+ 3.Bxg2 e2+ 4.Kf2
4.Ke1? h1Q+ 5.Bxh1 f2+ 6.Kxf2 e1Q+ 7.Kxe1= stalemate
4.Nxe2? fxg2+ 5.Kf2 g1Q+ 6.Nxg1 hxg1Q+ 7.Kxg1= stalemate

4…e1Q+ 5.Kxe1 h1Q+ 6.Bf1
6.Bxh1 f2+ 7.Kxf2= stalemate

6…Qh4+ 7.Kd1 Qe1+ 8.Kc2+-

7.Kd1 Qxf1+
7…Qf3+ 8.Kc2 Qd1+ 9.Kc3 Qxd2+ 10.Rxd2!+-

8.Kc2 With two lines

A) 8…Qxd3+ 9.Kxd3 f1Q+ 10.Kc3 Qd3+ 11.Kb4 Qc3+ 12.Kb5!+-
12.Kc5? Qxd4+ 13.Kb4 Qc5+ 14.Kxc5= stalemate

B) 8…Qc1+ 9.Kb3! f1Q 10.Kb4!
10.Nc2+? Qxc2+ 11.Rxc2 Qxd3+ 12.Kb4 Qxc2 13.Ka5 Qb3 14.Nb6 Qg8 15.Ka6 Qb8 16.d4 Qxf4 17.Ka7 Qc7 18.d5 f4 19.d6 Qxd6 20.b8Q Qf6 21.Qc7 f3 22.Qc1+ Ka2 23.Qc2+ Ka1 24.Qf2 Qe7+ 25.Kb8 Qe2 26.Qd4+ Ka2 27.Nd5 Qe8+ 28.Kb7 Qf7+ 29.Kc6 f2 30.Ne3 f1Q 31.Nxf1 Qxf1 32.a5 Qa6+=

10…Qxb2+ 11.Nxb2 Qxf4 12.Nc4+-
12.Kc3? Qc7+ 13.Nc4 Qxb7=

Theme: Elimination of the threat of stalemate in the black counterplay