Nº5 M. Hlinka & L. Kekely (Slovakia)

Section: A.1.

Michal Hlinka & Ľuboš Kekely (Slovakia)


1.Bb4? a2–+
1.Nb4+? Kc4 2.Ne5+ Kb3=
1.Ne5+? or Bf4? or Bh6? 1…Kc2=

1…a2 2.Nb4+
2.Bb2? Kc2=

2…Kc3 3.Nxa2+ Kb3 4.Kd1! domination 4…Kxa2 draw?. no… 5.Kc2 Nc5 for help to own king 6.Ne5 Nb3 7.Bb2 Na1+ 8.Kc3 Nc2!
8…Kb1 9.Ba3 Nc2 10.Be7 Ne3 11.Bg5 Nf5 12.Nc6 Ka2 13.Bc1 Kb1 14.Bf4 Ka2 15.Kd3 Kb3 16.Ke4+-

9.Bc1 switchback
9.Kxc2? stalemate
9.Nd3? or Nc4? 9…Kb1=

9…Na3 10.Nf7! switchback
10.Kb4 Nc2+ 11.Kc3 Na3 12.Nf7+- is only waste of time
10.Nd3? Nb5+=

10…Nb5+ 11.Kc4 Na3+ 12.Kb4
12.Kc3 Nb5+ 13.Kc4 Na3+ 14.Kb4+- is only waste of time

12…Nc2+ 13.Kc3 Na3
13…Kb1 14.Bg5 Na3 15.Nd6 Nc2 16.Nc4+-
13…Ne1 14.Ne5 Kb1 15.Bd2 Ng2 16.Nf3 Ka2 17.Nd4+-

14.Nd6 Nb1+ 15.Kb4 and wins.

Miniature. Antidual key. Stalemate. Switchbacks.[15.Kc2 or Kc4 15…Na3+ 16.Kc3 Nb1+ 17.Kb4+- is only waste of time