Nº 18 Walter Díaz (Argentina)

Draw b)Twin Bishop f3– > d7

Sección B.2.

Walter Díaz ( Argentina)

Twin which shows stalemate of white and in position B), stalemate of the black

A) 1.Bxb7+ Kb8
1…Kxb7 2.Qd7+ – similar to solution
1…Ka7 2.Bf3!=

2.Qd6+? Ka7! -+

2…Ka7 3.Qa8+ Kb6 4.Qd8+ Kxb7
4…Ka7 5.Qa8+ =

5.Qd7+ Kb6
5…Qc7 6.Qxh3=

6.Qxh3? Qc2+ 7.Qb3 Qc6+ 8.b5 axb5+ 9.Kb4 Qc5#

6…Qxd4= White Stalemate

B) 1.Bxh3 b5+ 2.Ka5 Qc7+ 3.Kxa6 Qd6+! 4.Qxd6 = Black Stalemate