Nº 14 Martin Minski (Germany)

Sección A.2.

Martin Minski (Germany)

Twin A) – wKf1,Bd4,Ra4,Pa2,c5,d3/bKh1,Ra6,Pa3,h2

Persecution of the rook

1.Rxa6? stalemate
Thematic try: 1.Rb4? Rb6! (1…Ra4? 2.Rb1 Rb4 3.Re1 Rb1 4.Be5!+-) 2.Rc4 (2.cxb6 stalemate) 2…Rb4! 3.Rc1 Rb1! 4.Rxb1 stalemate

1…Rf6+ 2.Ke2!+-

2.Rc1 Rc4 3.Re1 Rc1 4.Be5! Rxe1+ 5.Kxe1 Kg2 6.Bxh2+-
Twin B (add bPc6)

Persecution of the rook

1.Rxa6? stalemate
Thematic try: 1.Rc4? Ra4! 2.Rc1 Rc4! 3.Re1 Rc2! (3…Rc1? 4.Be5!+-) 4.Bc3! Rg2! (4…Rxa2? 5.d4! e.g. 5…Rg2 6.Ra1 a2 7.d5 Rc2 8.dxc6 Rc1+ 9.Ke2! Rxa1 10.c7! Re1+ 11.Kxe1+-) 5.d4 (5.Be5 Rxa2 6.Bc3 Rg2=) 5…Rg1+ 6.Kf2 Rxe1 7.Bxe1 stalemate

1…Rb6? 2.cxb6!+- no stalemate
1…Ra8 /Ra7 2.Be5+-

2.Rb1 Rb4 3.Re1 Rb1
3…Rb2? 4.Bxb2+-

4.Be5! Rxe1+ 5.Kxe1 Kg2 6.Bxh2+-